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Toggle_check # Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
8980ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4.1Port Tails Installer to Qt 5InstallationCodeu
8977ConfirmedNormalTails_3.0Get rid of tordateTime synchronizationCommunicateanonym
8976ConfirmedNormalGreeter revamp: Consider merging "basic" and "advanced" screensUser interface design
8975ConfirmedNormalGreeter revamp: Reconsider "Configure" button for persistenceUser interface design
8974ConfirmedNormalGreeter revamp: Feedback to the user which options are going to be usedUser interface design
8973ConfirmedNormalGreeter revamp: Advertise the assistant not only for first time usersUser interface design
8972ConfirmedNormalGreeter revamp: Redesign breadcrumbs in assistantUser interface design
8971ConfirmedNormalGreeter revamp: Hide "discover", "quick setup", and "Start" button when not relevantUser interface design
8970ConfirmedNormalGreeter revamp: Add "back" button to assistantUser interface design
8969ConfirmedNormalGreeter revamp: Make options affected by scenarios more visibleUser interface design
8968ConfirmedNormalRedesign the "language" sectionUser interface design
8967ConfirmedNormalGreeter revamp: refine design according to expert feedbackUser interface design
8966In ProgressElevatedTails_1.3.1Automatic tests for IRC CTCP in PidginTest suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
8965NewNormalTails_1.3.1Memory Wipe/Reboot on Macbook Air 5,2Hardware supportEnd-user documentation
8964ConfirmedNormalTails_1.3.1Tor Launcher has a different set of screens than in TBB 4.0.4Tor configurationCodeanonym
8963In ProgressNormalTails_1.3.1Write tests for ElectrumTest suiteCodekytv
8962NewNormalRemove xp-bliss.jpgCamouflageCodealantInfo Needed
8961ConfirmedNormalTails_1.3.1The automated test suite doesn't fetch Tor relays from unverified-microdesc-consensus.bakTest suiteResearchanonymInfo Needed
8960ConfirmedNormalTails_1.3.1Test that our test suite's list of Tor authorities is the same as the hardcoded ones in the Tor binaryTest suiteCodeanonym
8959ConfirmedNormalTails_1.3.1Investigate why the automated test suite doesn't fail after Tor authority IP address changesTest suiteResearchkytvReady for QA
8957In ProgressNormalTails_1.4Include paperkey packageCodeReady for QA
8955In ProgressNormalTails_1.3.1Write tests for syncing keys with SeahorseTest suiteCodeanonymReady for QA
8954ConfirmedLowUpdate CD/DVD label designGraphicsKingdomKeeper
8952In ProgressNormalTails_1.3.1GNOME Screenshot test can fail due to too small of a timeoutTest suiteCodeanonymReady for QA
8951In ProgressNormalTails_1.3.1Automated test suite checks the old signing key's expirationTest suiteCodeanonymReady for QA

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