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9120ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4Can't browse documentation from Debian packages in /usr/share/docCodeintrigeri
9119ConfirmedLowWrite design doc for Tails GreeterContributors documentation
9118NewNormalLink to the core po files which need to be translatedInternationalizationContributors documentation
9117ConfirmedNormalEasier way to enable alternative keyboards?InternationalizationResearch
9116ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4Document that Tails doesn't protect against BIOS/firmware attacksEnd-user documentationBitingBird
9115NewNormalChroot browsers don't work when Tails is manually installed with YUMIEnd-user documentationBitingBird
9114ConfirmedElevatedTails_1.4Investigate raising MaxCircuitDirtinessTor configurationResearchanonym
9113In ProgressNormalTails_1.4Complete the contributors glossaryContributors documentationReady for QA
9112ConfirmedNormalComplete our page listing OpenPGP keysEnd-user documentation
9111ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4FAQ: why we ship GNOME (and are not going to ship anything else)End-user documentationBitingBird
9109NewNormalsupport boot of Tails from the ISO image file of the diskCode
9104ConfirmedNormalWrite blueprint on how to customize TailsContributors documentation
9102ConfirmedNormalGet on the Chrome HSTS preload listInfrastructureResearch
9101ConfirmedNormalTrack Tahoe-lafs progress on their `magic folders` deliverableDiscussDr_Whax
9099ConfirmedElevatedTails_1.4Document that Tails may leave traces in video memoryEnd-user documentationBitingBird
9097ConfirmedLowAutomatic test: measure boot timeTest suiteCode
9096ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4Document that Tails requires a dedicated USB (no other partition)InstallationEnd-user documentationBitingBird
9095ConfirmedElevatedTails_1.4Seahorse tests lack robustnessTest suiteCodekytv
9092In ProgressNormalTails_1.4Start page should mention to disable fast boot, secure boot etcEnd-user documentationsajolidaReady for QA
9091NewLowShortcuts (Terminal, Places, Applications)AccessibilityDiscuss
9090NewNormalUI / Design of TailsDiscuss
9089NewNormalNo support for switchable IGP/GPUHardware supportDebian01Info Needed
9087ConfirmedNormalTails_1.5Write tests for connecting to hosts on a LAN via SSHTest suiteCodekytv
9086In ProgressNormalTails_1.4Mention somewhere in the doc which version of Debian we're based onEnd-user documentationsajolidaReady for QA
9084ConfirmedNormalTouchpad scrolling doesn't work since 1.3Codemercedes508Info Needed

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