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11491In ProgressNormalTails_2.4Add --channel option to check-mirrorsInfrastructureCodesajolidaReady for QA
11490In ProgressNormalTails_2.5Make on_a_tag function more accurateBuild systemCodeintrigeriReady for QA
11489ConfirmedNormalTails_2.4Graphics artifacts cover parts of the web page content with Tor Browser 6.x on libvirt/QXLHardware supportTestgoupilleInfo Needed
11486ConfirmedNormalTails_2.5Icedove autoconfig wizard gets stalled on some domainsCodeanonym
11485ConfirmedLowPlease round relays bandwidth in Onion CircuitsCode
11483In ProgressNormalTails_2.4Have mirrors.json use proper server-side caching controlInfrastructureWebsiteintrigeri
11482ConfirmedNormalTails_2.5Add a random sleep time to the rsync cronjob we suggest mirror operators useInfrastructureContributors documentationintrigeri
11481NewNormalAlert TorBirdy devs about Icedove upstream patch prefsCommunicateu
11480ConfirmedNormalMonitoring: check that /var/mail/ is emptyInfrastructureSysadmin
11479ConfirmedNormal"the Tails desktop is ready" step is fragile due to buggy display of Florence systray iconTest suiteCode
11477NewNormalIncrease 'MAC Spoofing' popover dialog paddingUser interface designalant
11476NewNormalChange 'Add Additional Setting' text to whiteUser interface designalant
11475NewNormalRemove ocational list item label redundancyUser interface designalant
11474NewNormalUpdate secondary (parenthetical) list item textUser interface designalant
11473NewNormalAdd list item dividersUser interface designalant
11472NewNormalUpdate Greeter iconsUser interface designalant
11471NewNormal'Help' button hover state User interface designalant
11470NewNormalAdding welcome text punctuationUser interface designalant
11469NewNormalDecrease welcome text trackingUser interface designalant
11465ConfirmedNormalfocus_window uses select_virtual_desktop in a racy wayTest suiteCode
11464In ProgressElevatedTails_2.4"all notifications have disappeared" step is fragile when network is unpluggedTest suiteCodeintrigeri
11463ConfirmedNormalrobust_notification_wait sometimes does not recognize the notification it's looking forTest suiteCode
11462ConfirmedNormal"I2P is running" test is fragile: may fail when the time has not sync'ed yetTest suiteCode
11461NewNormalTAILS PhoneCode
11460ConfirmedElevatedInstallation Assistant sends user into an endless loop when JS is disabled (Install from Debian)InstallationWebsitetchouReady for QA

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