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9268NewNormalobfs4 bridges often don't work (maybe MTU?)Tor configurationResearchDev Needed
9265ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4.1Create a inlined text snippet for ML archivesEnd-user documentationBitingBird
9264ConfirmedNormalTails_1.5.1Consider buying more server hardware to run our automated test suiteInfrastructureResearchintrigeri
9263In ProgressNormalTails_1.4Split SSH and SFTP credentials in test suite configurationTest suiteCodeanonymReady for QA
9262ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4.1Port our ISO build system to JessieBuild systemCodeintrigeri
9261In ProgressNormalTails_1.4Tor Browser crashes on key press when read by OrcaAccessibilityCodeReady for QA
9260ConfirmedNormalOrca doesn't read Tor Browser if started after Tor BrowserAccessibilityDiscuss
9259ConfirmedNormalTails_4.0Stop installing libqt4-qt3supportCode
9258In ProgressNormalTails_1.4Accessing systray icons in the test suite is fragileTest suiteCodeanonymReady for QA
9257Fix committedNormalTails_1.4Test suite fails to run if local.yml is emptyTest suiteCodePass
9256ConfirmedNormalTails_2.0Don't restart Tor after setting the right clockTime synchronizationResearchanonym
9253Fix committedNormalTails_1.4Improve how we start subprocesses in the test suiteTest suiteCodePass
9234ConfirmedNormalAbort boot when any live-config hook failsCode
9233Fix committedNormalTails_1.4Seahorse's configured keyservers are not the same as those in gpg.confCodePass
9232NewNormalFAQ: add a part about VOIPEnd-user documentationBitingBird
9230NewNormalSelf Destructing Cookies V0.4.7 - Plugin for FirefoxAuditpamamolfInfo Needed
9229In ProgressNormalTails_1.4Import I2P 0.9.19 packagesTestkytvInfo Needed
9228ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4.1FAQ: youtube-dlEnd-user documentationBitingBird
9226ConfirmedNormalDocument how to download files that don't fit in RAM from the webEnd-user documentationmercedes508Info Needed
9224ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4.1Document that video is broken with double-video-card Mac hardwareHardware supportEnd-user documentationBitingBird
9223ConfirmedNormalImprove the semantics of try_forTest suiteCodekytv
9222ConfirmedNormalTails_1.4Document how to use shared test suite secrets for release testingTest suiteContributors documentationanonym
9220Fix committedNormalTails_1.4Read test suite configuration files from the local.d directoryTest suiteCodePass
9219ConfirmedElevatedTails_1.4Obsolete tweak to Pidgin's AppArmor profile?Testintrigeri
9217ConfirmedNormalInvestigate integration of bootstrap with ikiwikiResearchsajolida

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