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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
14854NewElevatedcurl not workingCodemercedes508
14852ConfirmedNormal"Installation Assistant" over logo in banner on smaller screensInstallationWebsitesajolida
14851ConfirmedNormalInstructions to backup Tails are wrong in terms of permissionContributors documentationsajolida
14850ConfirmedNormalTails Installer silently not starting or not respondingInstallationResearchintrigeri
14849ConfirmedNormalTails Installer doesn't fit if the vertical screen size is 600InstallationCodeintrigeri
14848NewLowNoScript changes security slider settingsDiscussRuti
14846ConfirmedNormalTails_3.3Understand the user agent issue in the logs of our websiteWebsitesajolida
14836ConfirmedNormalColorscheme for Tails websiteGraphicssajolidaReady for QA
14835ConfirmedNormalMake the subtitle on our canonical logo optionalGraphicssajolidaDev Needed
14833ConfirmedNormalPoint to the survey from /homeWebsitesegfaultReady for QA
14832ConfirmedElevatedTails_3.3Change Bank account on donation page to CCTFundraisingWebsiteuDev Needed
14831ConfirmedHighTails_3.3Write blogposts for the donation campaignFundraisingCommunicateuDev Needed
14830In ProgressNormalTails_3.3Save the sikuli_candidates directory as artifact on JenkinsContinuous IntegrationSysadminintrigeri
14829ConfirmedNormalTails_3.4Per diem for VeraCrypt UX sprint 2017-12Accountingsajolida
14828In ProgressHighTails_3.3Notify LimeSurvey admins when a security update is availableInfrastructureSysadminintrigeri
14826ConfirmedNormalCreate survey on VeraCrypt usageResearchsegfaultReady for QA
14823ConfirmedNormalTails_3.3Simulate tracking of security updates on a frozen Buster stable branch between Buster sprint #1 and #2Researchintrigeri
14822ConfirmedNormalRemove links to homepage of previous partnersFundraisingWebsiteu
14821ConfirmedElevatedTails_3.3CSS fixesWebsiteuReady for QA
14819In ProgressNormalTails_3.3The "I hotplug a network device" step is broken in some environmentsTest suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
14818In ProgressNormalTails_3.5Improve how we deal with dependencies in build hooksBuild systemCodeanonymDev Needed
14817In ProgressElevatedTails_3.3Test suite improvements from buster sprint 1Test suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
14815NewNormalTails_3.3Update design doc to DAVE 2InstallationContributors documentationsajolida
14814In ProgressNormalTails_3.3Analyze test suite results on Buster: 2017-10 sprintTest suiteResearchanonym
14813ConfirmedNormalTails_3.3Document that Tails does not boot from USB when installed with Tails Installer on recent Debian testing/sid systemInstallationEnd-user documentationsajolida
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