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11553NewNormaladd cheeseDiscuss
11552NewNormalAdd sha256sumWebsite
11551ConfirmedNormal2016Install the mumble VoIP clientCode
11550Fix committedElevatedTails_2.5Icedove account creation not fully functionalCodeInfo Needed
11549ConfirmedNormalAdd comments about when documentation about very old migrations is relevantContributors documentationsajolida
11548NewNormalseahorse password loss hazardCode
11547NewNormalTor browser's AppArmor policy should not allow access to /dev/driCode
11546ConfirmedNormalTails_2.5Some test jobs are getting stucked in JenkinsTest suiteResearchbertagaz
11545ConfirmedNormalMake "Online Accounts" work in Tails or hide themResearch
11544ConfirmedNormalGnome ask for an administrator password to enable PIN protected broadband connectionResearchintrigeri
11543ConfirmedNormalTails_2.5Sid puppet agent not compatible with Jessie puppet masterInfrastructureSysadminbertagaz
11542ConfirmedNormalEvaluate using roflcoptor as Tor control port filterResearch
11541NewNormalOMEMO support in TailsCode
11540NewNormalPidgin crashes on drag-and-dropping textCodesegfaultInfo Needed
11539ConfirmedNormal2016Don't ship the testing and unstable APT sourcesDiscuss
11538ConfirmedNormalDecide what to do with documentation about very old migrationsInternationalizationDiscuss
11537In ProgressNormalRemove /doc/upgrade/error/End-user documentationsajolidaReady for QA
11536ConfirmedNormalTails_2.5Icedove autoconfiguration is broken for ISPs serving a OAuth configCodeanonym
11535NewNormalUnable to save tor setting - please ensure that tor is running!Tor configurationCode
11534ConfirmedNormalTails_2.6Remove obsolete disk ownership workaround for Debian bug #645466Codeanonym
11533In ProgressNormalTails_2.6Add support for bind-mounted files to the live-boot persistence backendPersistenceCodesegfaultInfo Needed
11532ConfirmedNormalTails_2.5Clean apt-cacher-ng cache from expired time-based snapshotsInfrastructureSysadminintrigeri
11531In disallows some characters in refsInfrastructureResearchbertagaz
11530Fix committedElevatedTails_2.5Upgrade icedove to 45.1.0esrCodePass
11529NewNormalActivate Persistent Volume Upon CreationPersistenceCode

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