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12260ConfirmedNormalTails_3.0Have KeePassX open ~/Persistent/keepassx.kbdx by defaultCode
12259ConfirmedNormalChutney sometimes fails to start on Jenkins InfrastructureSysadmin
12258ConfirmedElevatedTails_2.11Jenkins is not creating jobs for new branchesInfrastructureSysadminintrigeri
12257ConfirmedLowAdd a screenshot to our homepageWebsite
12256ConfirmedElevatedTails_2.11puppet-nfs tries to start nfs-common.service which is masked on StretchInfrastructureSysadminintrigeri
12255ConfirmedNormalUse polkit with Tails ServerCodesegfault
12254ConfirmedNormalExclicit the need of .asc (instead of .pgp) key in WhisperBackCodealant
12253ConfirmedNormalUse persistence.conf in Tails ServerCodesegfault
12252ConfirmedNormalTails_3.0Enigmail fails to decrypt email after long inactivityResearch
12251ConfirmedNormalClarify error message when the Unsafe Browser was launch without network connectionDiscussanonym
12250ConfirmedNormalUnsafe Browser and Tor Browser have the same icon in windows listCodeanonym
12249ConfirmedNormalTails_3.0Greeter's Formats popover may be cutCodeintrigeriReady for QA
12248ConfirmedNormalTails_2.11Document workaround to boot intermediary Tails on MBP9,2InstallationEnd-user documentationintrigeri
12247In ProgressLowTails_3.0Remove lists of if clausesCodeintrigeriReady for QA
12246ConfirmedNormalUntranslatable parts of documentation due to inline errorsInstallationEnd-user documentationsajolida
12245NewNormalFonts are not displayed correctly on nvidia GTX 750TIHardware supportResearchgoupilleInfo Needed
12244ConfirmedNormalBooting intermediary Tails on MBP9,2 might requires editing boot menu commanddlineDiscussintrigeri
12243ConfirmedNormalTails_3.0icedove/gnupg trigger infinite loop related to apparmorCodealantInfo Needed
12242ConfirmedElevatedTails_3.0Adjust to Icedove → ThunderbirdCode
12241In ProgressLowTails_3.0New Greeter's additional options window sometimes opens in a weird placeCodealant
12240ConfirmedNormalUse Glade 3.20 HeaderBar and Popover supportCodealant
12239ConfirmedNormalTails_2.11Some users have no circuit view in Tor BrowserResearchemmapeelInfo Needed
12238ConfirmedNormalShip full APT lists in the live file systemDiscussanonym
12237ConfirmedNormalReduce apt update time during first start of Tails ServerResearch
12236ConfirmedNormalAdd more services to Tails ServerCodesegfault

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