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13637NewNormalUnsafe browser access to USB stickAccessibilityUser interface design
13636ConfirmedNormalTails_3.2Rename "Easy" tasks into "Starter"Contributors documentationintrigeriReady for QA
13635ConfirmedNormalTails_3.2German Greeter translation uses "s" accelerator twiceInternationalizationTranslate
13634ConfirmedNormalexplain somewhere that in some cases the signing key may have to be updatedInstallationEnd-user documentationsajolida
13633NewNormalElectrum compatibility with Ledger Nano SCode
13625ConfirmedNormalTails_3.2Root Terminal cannot start graphical applicationsResearch
13624ConfirmedNormalTails_3.2Analyze results of Tails 3.1 call for reproductionResearchanonym
13623In ProgressNormalTails_3.2Executable bits of /etc/hostname not set deterministicallyBuild systemCodeintrigeriReady for QA
13603NewNormalElevate the vm.max_map_count setting (current setting could be perceived as a bug?)Discuss
13602ConfirmedNormalOpenPGP Applet: rewrite key selection interfaceCodenodens
13600ConfirmedNormalTails_3.2HACKING.mdwn file back at the root of the Git repoContributors documentationanonym
13599ConfirmedNormalTails_3.2Switch to the DuckDuckGo .onion by defaultDiscuss
13598ConfirmedNormalTails_3.2Slow opening of files with viCodeintrigeri
13583ConfirmedLowTails_3.3bitcoin is running out of disk spaceInfrastructureSysadmingroente
13581In ProgressElevatedTails_3.2update apparmor profile for tor/obfs4proxyInfrastructureSysadmingroenteDev Needed
13580NewNormalarchive manager messed up big timeUser interface design
13579In ProgressNormalTails_3.2Cron script cleaning up the time-based apt-snapshots tmp dirInfrastructureSysadmingroenteInfo Needed
13578ConfirmedNormalAnnounce the partners pageFundraisingCommunicateu
13576NewNormalKeyboard and trackpad do not work on 2016/17 Macbook ProHardware supportResearchDryphtDev Needed
13573ConfirmedNormalTails_3.4Write release notes for 3.4End-user documentationsajolida
13572ConfirmedNormalTails_3.3Write release notes for 3.3End-user documentationsajolida
13571ConfirmedNormalTails_3.2Write release notes for 3.2End-user documentationsajolida
13569ConfirmedLowLabel TOC in-page links as suchAccessibilityWebsite
13556ConfirmedNormalStudy the list of alternative funding from NLnetFundraisingResearchuInfo Needed
13543ConfirmedNormalTails_3.1Come up with a budget and calendar to migrate DAVE to Web ExtensionsInstallationCommunicateanonym

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