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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
8612ConfirmedNormal Create a screencast video of installing Tails onto a USB stick - from Linux (CLI and GUI)InstallationPromote
12483ConfirmedNormalTails_4.0 Update po_translatable_pages for Tails 4.0Website
9059ConfirmedNormalTails_3.4"Additional software" locks the opening of the desktopPersistenceResearchalantInfo Needed
11453ConfirmedNormal"Chatting with some friend over XMPP" test is fragileTest suiteCode
14770ConfirmedNormalTails_3.3"Fetching OpenPGP keys" scenarios are fragileTest suiteResearchanonym
10994In ProgressNormal"I can view and print a PDF file" scenarios are fragileTest suiteCode
11457In ProgressNormalTails_3.3"I close the Unsafe Browser" step is fragileTest suiteCodespriverDev Needed
11458ConfirmedNormal"I see the (Unsafe|I2P) Browser start notification and wait for it to close" step is fragileTest suiteCode
11400In ProgressNormal"I test Torbirdy's proxy settings" test sometimes fails due to missing favicon in "congratulations" tabTest suiteCodeanonym
11452ConfirmedNormal"I2P displays a notice when bootstrapping fails" test is fragileTest suiteCode
11462ConfirmedNormal"I2P is running" test is fragile: may fail when the time has not sync'ed yetTest suiteCode
14852ConfirmedNormalTails_3.3"Installation Assistant" over logo in banner on smaller screensInstallationWebsitesajolida
11429ConfirmedNormal"Larger Text" does not refresh the whole view in new GreeterAccessibilityCodealant
11941ConfirmedNormal"Network card disabled" notification lacks the name of the network cardSpoof MACCodeanonym
11585ConfirmedNormal"Persistent browser bookmarks" is fragileTest suiteCode
14790ConfirmedNormalTails_3.3"Set up an administration password" and "How to use bridges in Tails" doc pages are not updated for the new GreeterEnd-user documentationsajolida
11394ConfirmedNormal"Symmetric encryption and decryption using OpenPGP Applet" is fragileTest suiteCode
11711ConfirmedNormal"The Unsafe Browser can be used in all languages supported in Tails" test is fragileTest suiteCode
11606ConfirmedNormal"Tor Launcher uses all expected TBB shared libraries" is fragileTest suiteCode
11584ConfirmedNormal"Using a persistent Pidgin configuration" is fragileTest suiteCode
13333ConfirmedNormal"why 2?" window is cut out on some pages of the installation documentation.InstallationWebsitesajolida
11471ConfirmedLow'Help' button hover state Code
12533In ProgressNormalAbility to point vagrant-libvirt to a custom storage poolBuild systemCodevkDev Needed
9234ConfirmedNormalAbort boot when any live-config hook failsCode
13198ConfirmedLowAbout menu of WhisperBack doesn't show the logoCode
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