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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
7733ResolvedUrgentTails_1.1.1Reprepro claim its database is locked and failsInfrastructureCode
11514ResolvedUrgentTails_2.4QXL driver is used unconditionallyHardware supportCodePass
11885ResolvedUrgentTails_2.7Critical kernel privesc vulnerability CVE-2016-5195CodePass
13402ResolvedUrgentTails_3.1Tails installer is not in Stretch-backports as said in the install documentationInstallationDebianu
12607RejectedUrgentTails_3.0Many issues in Tails 3.0~rc1Codeanonymvs
12682RejectedUrgentBACKDOOR IN TAILS FROM IMMERDA.CHSecurity Auditanonymvs
13428RejectedUrgentTails_3.1BACKDOOR IN TAILS!Tor configurationSecurity AuditsecretserviceInfo Needed
14928RejectedUrgentTails_3.3Warn about the SegWit2x hard fork on our donate pageFundraisingWebsitePass
11504DuplicateUrgentTails_2.4Missing test_Tails_ISO_testing job on JenkinsInfrastructureResearch
5288ResolvedHighTails_2.3Run the test suite automatically on autobuilt ISOsContinuous IntegrationSysadmin
5319ResolvedHighNew Greeter UI: integrate prototypesCodealant
5518ResolvedHighTails_1.1Make the system disk read-onlyCode
5594ResolvedHightails-greeter: better administration password UIUser interface design
5579ResolvedHighfix upgrade notificationEnd-user documentationsajolidaReady for QA
5663ResolvedHighTails_2.7Return to IcedoveCode
5666ResolvedHighTails_2.7Test suite: reliably wait for post-Greeter hooksTest suiteCodePass
5681ResolvedHighOffer to provide the source of packages included in Tails upon requestEnd-user documentation
5707ResolvedHighTails_2.6Test suite: split various checks featureTest suiteCodePass
5875ResolvedHighTails_1.2Make sure all the Python 3 libraries we need are in JessieCodealant
5917ResolvedHightails-greeter password field : Warn when caps-lock is ONCodePass
5926ResolvedHighTails_2.6Freezable APT repositoryInfrastructureSysadminPass
6094ResolvedHighTails_1.7Test suite: background snapshot improvementsTest suiteCodePass
6172ResolvedHighTails_1.1Fix write access to boot medium via udisksCode
6174ResolvedHighTest Pidgin SSL validation in Debian JessieTestPass
6175ResolvedHighTails_1.2.1List Python 3 libraries we need that are missing in Debian JessieResearchalant
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