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11747Fix committedHighTails_3.2Update our OpenPGP keys in 2017CodePass
14483Fix committedHighTails_3.2Include the new signing subkeys & publish them on keyserversCodePass
14602Fix committedHighTails_3.2devel branch FTBFS since torbrowser-launcher 0.2.8-1 made it into DebianCodePass
13574Fix committedHighTails_3.2localhost.localdomain DNS lookup leaks to Tor circuitsCodePass
12639Fix committedElevatedTails_3.2Upgrade Thunderbird to 52.xCodePass
12686Fix committedElevatedTails_3.2Re-introduce the BookletImposer PDF imposition toolkitCodePass
12733Fix committedElevatedTails_3.2Seahorse fails to import private PGP keys: pinentry-gtk-2 passphrase prompt not displayedCodePass
14655Fix committedElevatedTails_3.2Ensure Tails is not affected by BlueBorneSecurity AuditPass
8281Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Consider replacing Florence with GNOME's own on-screen keyboardCodeReady for QA
8917Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Spurious "permission denied" error when trying to upload files from Tor BrowserCodePass
11062Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Florence can't be used when GNOME asks for a passwordResearch
11840Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Increase mmap randomization to the maximum supported valueCodePass
12423Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Florence gets too small to use when clicking on size changing keys (either + or -)Wait
12685Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Drop obsolete functions from tails-shell-library/*.shCodePass
12687Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Install a lighter version of VimCodePass
12034Fix committedNormalTails_3.2When running Nautilus from a Root Terminal, start it silently and immediately give the prompt backCodePass
13463Fix committedNormalTails_3.2No PPPoE in TailsCodePass
13600Fix committedNormalTails_3.2HACKING.mdwn file back at the root of the Git repoContributors documentation
13625Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Root Terminal cannot start graphical applicationsResearchPass
14612Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Pidgin exposes everything through its D-Bus serviceCodePass
13598Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Slow opening of files with viCodePass
14623Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Tor Browser sandbox breakout via X11 testing extensionsCodePass
12360Fix committedLowTails_3.2Florence indicator state can get out-of-sync with Florence statusCode
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14675Fix committedElevatedTails_3.2GNOME on-screen keyboard is broken without the X11 XTEST extensionsAccessibilityCodePass
11045Fix committedNormalTails_3.2Opening Florence from the Applications menu creates a duplicate widget in the top iconsAccessibilityCode
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