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Toggle check # Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
8942ConfirmedLowMake Tails logo the new favicon Website
11341ConfirmedLowInstallation Assistant: add logos to OS for faster clickingWebsite
11821ConfirmedLowHave a configuration for compiling our custom version of BootstrapWebsite
13569ConfirmedLowLabel TOC in-page links as suchAccessibilityWebsite
6232ConfirmedNormalHave Pidgin support named accounts, and display such namesWait
7404In ProgressNormalPidgin should use themable icons for systrayCamouflageWait
8927ConfirmedLowReplicate Vidalia's ability to close arbitrary circuitsUser interface design
5760ConfirmedNormaltails-greeter: feedback when repairing damaged persistent filesystemPersistenceTest
6222ConfirmedNormalTest OnionCat unidirectional mode for VoIPTest
6570ConfirmedNormalYelp freezes while searching the offline Tails documentationTest
8400ConfirmedNormalTest & evaluate GNOME KeysignTest
8899ConfirmedNormalRoot Terminal launcher doesn't provide any feedback when a wrong sudo password is enteredTest
9556ConfirmedNormalFAQ: does USB3 improve Tails performance?Hardware supportTest
13457ConfirmedNormalTest backup script by a2Test
6270ConfirmedLowPublish our Jenkins read-only on the webContinuous IntegrationSysadmin
11152ConfirmedLowHave SSL on our rsync communications with mirrorsInfrastructureSysadmin
7314ConfirmedNormalEvaluate accepting donations in other cryptocurrencies than BitcoinFundraisingResearch
8294ConfirmedNormalResearch how to detect if a keyboard layout is latin-based or notHardware supportResearch
12546ConfirmedNormalGNOME caches the administrative password differently than our sudo configurationResearch
7588ConfirmedLowEvaluate the impact and interest of mounting persistence synchronizedPersistenceResearch
7735ConfirmedLowInvestigate calendar modules and plugins for RedmineInfrastructureResearch
12074ConfirmedLowStudy market shares of cryptocurrenciesFundraisingResearch
12281ConfirmedLowCannot open multiple doc pages concurrently from notificationsResearch
6568In ProgressNormalMention Seahorse in documentationEnd-user documentationDev Needed
11408ConfirmedNormalCreate a list of screenshots we wantEnd-user documentation

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