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Toggle check # Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
6744ConfirmedLowAdd icons to contribute/talkWebsite
6232ConfirmedNormalHave Pidgin support named accounts, and display such namesWait
7404In ProgressNormalPidgin should use themable icons for systrayCamouflageWait
9732ConfirmedNormalOrca cannot work with ElectrumAccessibilityWait
5760ConfirmedElevatedtails-greeter: feedback when repairing damaged persistent filesystemPersistenceTest
6222ConfirmedNormalTest OnionCat unidirectional mode for VoIPTest
6570ConfirmedNormalYelp freezes while searching the offline Tails documentationTest
9556ConfirmedNormalFAQ: does USB3 improve Tails performance?Hardware supportTest
5894ConfirmedNormalAPT repository: notify incomingInfrastructureSysadmin
6270ConfirmedLowPublish our Jenkins read-only on the webContinuous IntegrationSysadmin
6545ConfirmedNormalImprove formatting of <http://url/> for amnesia-newsResearch
7051ConfirmedNormalImpossible to synchronize GPG keys using SeahorseResearch
7314ConfirmedNormalEvaluate accepting donations in other cryptocurrencies than BitcoinFundraisingResearch
8294ConfirmedNormalResearch how to detect if a keyboard layout is latin-based or notHardware supportResearch
7588ConfirmedLowEvaluate the impact and interest of mounting persistence syncronizedPersistenceResearch
8253In ProgressLowShip a tool to quickly edit (resize...) picturesResearch
8281ConfirmedNormalTails_3.0Evaluate the Caribou virtual keyboard in Tails/StretchResearch
6387ConfirmedNormalCreate screencast videos of installing Tails onto a USB stickInstallationEnd-user documentation
11385ConfirmedNormalUpdate /doc/first_steps/shutdown to Tails 2.0End-user documentation
9265ConfirmedLowCreate a inlined text snippet for ML archivesEnd-user documentation
11129ConfirmedLowDocument how to override default kernel selection in boot menuHardware supportEnd-user documentation
11061ConfirmedNormalMake it easier to access WhisperBack from the Applications menuDiscuss
7373ConfirmedElevatedShutdown applet download steals mouse focusCode
5502ConfirmedNormalNotify user if hardware requirements are not metHardware supportCode
5881ConfirmedNormalAdd reboot button to persistence setup assistantPersistenceCode

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