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Toggle check # Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
6744ConfirmedLowAdd icons to contribute/talkWebsite
7404In ProgressNormalPidgin should use themable icons for systrayCamouflageWait
6232ConfirmedNormalHave Pidgin support named accounts, and display such namesWait
9732ConfirmedNormalOrca cannot work with ElectrumAccessibilityWait
5760ConfirmedElevatedtails-greeter: feedback when repairing damaged persistent filesystemPersistenceTest
6222ConfirmedNormalTest OnionCat unidirectional mode for VoIPTest
6570ConfirmedNormalYelp freezes while searching the offline Tails documentationTest
9556ConfirmedNormalFAQ: does USB3 improve Tails performance?Hardware supportTest
5894ConfirmedNormalAPT repository: notify incomingInfrastructureSysadmin
11523ConfirmedNormalCheck if no packages are left unupgradedInfrastructureSysadmin
6270ConfirmedLowPublish our Jenkins read-only on the webContinuous IntegrationSysadmin
6545ConfirmedNormalImprove formatting of <http://url/> for amnesia-newsResearch
7051ConfirmedNormalImpossible to synchronize GPG keys using SeahorseResearch
7314ConfirmedNormalEvaluate accepting donations in other cryptocurrencies than BitcoinFundraisingResearch
8294ConfirmedNormalResearch how to detect if a keyboard layout is latin-based or notHardware supportResearch
8253In ProgressLowShip a tool to quickly edit (resize...) picturesResearch
7588ConfirmedLowEvaluate the impact and interest of mounting persistence syncronizedPersistenceResearch
8281ConfirmedNormalTails_3.0Evaluate the Caribou virtual keyboard in Tails/StretchResearch
6387ConfirmedNormalCreate screencast videos of installing Tails onto a USB stickInstallationEnd-user documentation
11385ConfirmedNormalUpdate /doc/first_steps/shutdown to Tails 2.0End-user documentation
9265ConfirmedLowCreate a inlined text snippet for ML archivesEnd-user documentation
11129ConfirmedLowDocument how to override default kernel selection in boot menuHardware supportEnd-user documentation
11061ConfirmedNormalMake it easier to access WhisperBack from the Applications menuDiscuss
11416NewNormalEnable booting inside PlopKexecHardware supportCode
11417NewNormalDefault torbutton security slider to "Medium-High"Code

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