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15431In ProgressElevatedtails-synchronize-data-to-new-persistent-volume-on-shutdown.service does not save APT cache at the right placeCodealant04/15/2018 09:09 PM
15537ConfirmedNormalDocument better how to test WhisperBackContributors documentationalant04/17/2018 06:35 AM
15527ConfirmedNormalAdjust the UI strings of Additional Software to the ones designed in the wireframesUser interface designalant04/12/2018 05:49 PM
12152In ProgressElevatedUpdate tails-installer release processInstallationContributors documentationanonym04/14/2018 07:16 AM
15336In ProgressNormal"The persistent Tor Browser directory is usable" test suite scenario is fragileTest suiteCodeanonym04/15/2018 07:08 AM
15421In ProgressNormalImprove the implementation of the #15400 bugfixCodeanonym03/27/2018 05:58 PM
15042In ProgressNormalMigrate away from our GNOME "AffectsTails" keywordInfrastructureContributors documentationanonym03/21/2018 09:40 AM
15391In ProgressElevatedStop shipping python-qt4 that is no longer requiredCodeanonym04/14/2018 06:33 AM
15395In ProgressElevatedEnigmail & AppArmor: Cannot get key from keyserver after finding itWaitanonym04/13/2018 11:48 AM
15472In ProgressElevatedRebase our Tor Browser AppArmor policy on top of torbrowser-launcher 0.2.9-2'sCodeanonym03/30/2018 07:37 AM
15534In ProgressNormalUpdate OpenPGP keyInfrastructureCodeanonym04/15/2018 04:38 PM
15432In ProgressNormalTails Installer sometimes fails when setting partition type during (since Tails 3.6?)Hardware supportResearchanonym04/14/2018 03:11 PM
14576In ProgressNormalWrite automated tests for Additional Software GUI (Gherkin)Test suiteCodeanonym04/03/2018 07:16 PM
15253In ProgressNormalIteration 1: Backport support for unlocking VeraCrypt partitions to udisks in StretchCodeanonym04/15/2018 01:01 PM
15379In ProgressElevatedAdjust test suite to Python tails-upgrade-frontend-wrapperTest suiteCodeanonym04/14/2018 03:12 PM
15515In ProgressNormalIteration 1: Backport our VeraCrypt patches to Disks in StretchCodeanonym04/11/2018 10:39 AM
15522In ProgressNormalIteration 1: Create custom Debian package for udisksCodeanonym04/16/2018 06:08 PM
15523In ProgressNormalIteration 1: Create custom Debian package for DisksCodeanonym04/16/2018 02:55 PM
11830In ProgressNormalTagged APT snapshots' backup is impracticalInfrastructureSysadminbertagaz04/08/2018 07:36 PM
15069In ProgressNormalDeleting a branch in Git triggers Jenkins jobs on this branchContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagaz03/14/2018 10:57 AM
15141In ProgressNormalreproducibly_build_Tails_ISO_stable job erroneously fails when build reproduction succeededContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagaz04/08/2018 05:29 PM
15190In ProgressNormalCronjobs for translate.lizard are not runningSysadminemmapeel04/13/2018 10:03 AM
15493In ProgressNormalAdjust monitoring check for Puppet runs for Puppet master 4.xInfrastructureSysadmingroente04/08/2018 09:59 AM
11833In ProgressNormalMake our Puppet code compatible with the "future" parserInfrastructureSysadmingroente04/05/2018 08:05 AM
11834In ProgressNormalMigrate our infrastructure to Puppet 4InfrastructureSysadmingroente04/09/2018 10:38 AM
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