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11801In ProgressNormalUse shared-secrets.d instead of TailsToaster_config/common.dContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagazReady for QA
13178In ProgressNormalUpgrade to Stretch 9.1 in Tails 3.1CodebertagazReady for QA
13340In ProgressNormalThunderbird stores temporary files (included decrypted attachements) indefinitelyPersistenceCodebertagazReady for QA
13437In ProgressNormalTranslations of notifications about clock and Tor are not appliedInternationalizationCodebertagazReady for QA
13476In ProgressNormalRescue build option is ignoredBuild systemCodebertagazReady for QA
13480In ProgressNormalThe Vagrant VM has too little memory for disk buildsBuild systemCodebertagazReady for QA
13505In ProgressNormalUpdate Whisperback text filesContributors documentationbertagazReady for QA
11181In ProgressNormalBetter abstraction of ::local::nodeInfrastructureSysadminintrigeriReady for QA
8054In ProgressNormalAdd support for SOCKS proxy to check-mirrorsInfrastructureCodesajolidaReady for QA
12319In ProgressNormalSuboptimal link in QR code for Mac installation assistantInstallationWebsitesajolidaReady for QA
12477In ProgressNormalReplace apt-get by apt in contributor documentationContributors documentationsajolidaReady for QA
12490In ProgressNormalRename OS X as macOS on our websiteEnd-user documentationsajolidaReady for QA
12504In ProgressNormalAdd links to Social contract from contribute and aboutWebsitesajolidaReady for QA
12514In ProgressNormalAdd benefits for partners to partners/become.mdwnFundraisingCommunicatesajolidaReady for QA
12695In ProgressNormalImprove Ubuntu installation instructionsInstallationEnd-user documentationsajolidaReady for QA
13341In ProgressNormalAvoid use of inline in doc/first_steps/upgradeWebsitesajolidaReady for QA
12517ConfirmedNormalHave a systematic thank you process for individual substantial donationsFundraisingDiscusssajolidaReady for QA
13184ConfirmedNormalOn /install/download/openpgp/ put a link to /install for users who are not familiar with OpenPGPInstallationEnd-user documentationsajolidaReady for QA
  Tails_3.2 18 Collapse all/Expand all
7496In ProgressNormalMake it possible to verify the integrity of a device created by Tails InstallerCodeanonymReady for QA
8859In ProgressNormalGet rid of the splash screen of Tails InstallerInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
8860In ProgressNormalTails Installer should autodetect if Tails is installed on the destination deviceInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
10859In ProgressNormalRemove dependencies to from DAVEInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
11753In ProgressElevatedPort complex shell scripts shipped in /usr/local to PythonCodeanonymReady for QA
11840In ProgressNormalIncrease mmap randomization to the maximum supported valueCodeanonymReady for QA
12034In ProgressNormalWhen running Nautilus from a Root Terminal, start it silently and immediately give the prompt backCodeanonymReady for QA

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