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# Status Priority Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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7642In ProgressNormalInvestigate whether we should resume shipping a static random seedResearchDr_WhaxReady for QA
11898In ProgressNormalHave a readable blueprint about randomness in TailsCommunicateDr_WhaxReady for QA
  Tails_3.4 21 Collapse all/Expand all
14990In ProgressNormalIntegrated graphics in Intel i5-7300HQ need xorg-device=intelHardware supportCodeanonymReady for QA
10261ConfirmedNormalTest that the correct keyboard layout is set Test suiteCodeanonymReady for QA
10859In ProgressElevatedRemove dependencies to from DAVEInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
13572ConfirmedNormalWrite release notes for 3.3End-user documentationanonymReady for QA
14610In ProgressNormalGive anonym read-write access to jenkins-jobs.gitContinuous IntegrationSysadminanonymReady for QA
11830In ProgressNormalTagged APT snapshots' backup is impracticalInfrastructureSysadminbertagazReady for QA
14498In ProgressNormalDocument the internal XMPP serviceInfrastructureContributors documentationbertagazReady for QA
14966In ProgressNormalFix typo in Mumble section of contribute/working_together/roles/sysadminsInfrastructureContributors documentationbertagazReady for QA
11858In ProgressNormalMonitor if isobuilders systems are running fineInfrastructureSysadmingroenteReady for QA
14738In ProgressNormalreprepro-related cron mails shouldn't be sent to sysadminsInfrastructureSysadmingroenteReady for QA
12508ConfirmedLowtails-installer icon missingInstallationCodekuronoReady for QA
14762In ProgressElevatedtypo in a workaround in the known issues listEnd-user documentationsajolidaReady for QA
8054In ProgressNormalAdd support for SOCKS proxy to check-mirrorsInfrastructureCodesajolidaReady for QA
14579In ProgressNormalTell the Technical Writers what part of our doc needs to be updated for BusterCodesajolidaReady for QA
14785In ProgressNormalAdd SponsorW to our ledgerAccountingsajolidaReady for QA
14828In ProgressHighNotify LimeSurvey admins when a security update is availableInfrastructureSysadminsajolidaReady for QA
14983In ProgressNormalAdd Lush budget to our ledgerAccountingsajolidaReady for QA
11753In ProgressElevatedPort complex shell scripts shipped in /usr/local to PythonCodesegfaultReady for QA
14852ConfirmedNormal"Installation Assistant" over logo in banner on smaller screensInstallationWebsiteuReady for QA
9849In ProgressNormalDescribe what project managers for sponsor deliverables doFundraisingContributors documentationuReady for QA
14945ConfirmedNormalReview dave_2.jsInstallationCodeuReady for QA
  Tails_3.5 1 Collapse all/Expand all
14796In ProgressNormalOpenPGP applet icon is on the left of the clock on BusterCodeanonymReady for QA
  Tails_3.6 1 Collapse all/Expand all
7496In ProgressNormalMake it possible to verify the integrity of a device created by Tails InstallerCodeanonymReady for QA
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