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7037Fix committedLowTails_3.6Warning on boot: unsafe permissions on tails-iuk homedirCodePass
14580Fix committedLowTails_3.6Support Video Acceleration API (VA-API)Hardware supportCodePass
12445ConfirmedLowTails_3.8tails-installer should validate file integrity after unpacking the ISO on the sd-cardInstallationCodekurono
12264ConfirmedLowTails_3.9Reintroduce I2PCodemhatta
5494ConfirmedLowAdd Flashproxy supportTor configurationCode
5567ConfirmedLowAllow opting-out of additional software installation in the GreeterPersistenceCode
5740ConfirmedLowzramHardware supportCode
5788ConfirmedLowRestart I2P when time changesCode
5954ConfirmedLowExtract htpdate parameters from initscriptTime synchronizationCode
5418ConfirmedLowAllow Tails users to contribute bandwidth to the Tor networkTor configurationCode
5521ConfirmedLowRemove system tools menu duplicatesCode
5962ConfirmedLowSet default dictionary according to locale in the browserInternationalizationCode
5974ConfirmedLowReuse installed Windows wallpaperCamouflageCode
5979ConfirmedLowPersistence preset: mouse and touchpad settingsPersistenceCode
5554ConfirmedLowTorchat in TailsCode
5606ConfirmedLowAdd VirtualBox host softwareVirtualizationCodeDev Needed
5698ConfirmedLowTails with external TorTor configurationCode
6065ConfirmedLowRe-enable Indymedia IRC accountCode
6261ConfirmedLowThe browser should not connect to on startupCode
5761ConfirmedLowMute audio outputCode
6070ConfirmedLowSupport arbitrary DNS queriesCode
6083ConfirmedLowAutorun in WindowsCode
6334ConfirmedLowliveusb-creator: refresh target devices list when one is unpluggedInstallationCodekurono
6335ConfirmedLowDisplay a waiting mouse cursor when the Installer workingInstallationCode
6358ConfirmedLowDisplay Tails version in boot menuCode
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