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6398Fix committedLowTails_3.4Tails OpenPGP Applet hangs on large textCodenodens
12508ConfirmedLowTails_3.4tails-installer icon missingInstallationCodekuronoReady for QA
14580ConfirmedLowTails_3.6Support Video Acceleration API (VA-API)Hardware supportCodeintrigeri
5418ConfirmedLowAllow Tails users to contribute bandwidth to the Tor networkTor configurationCode
5494ConfirmedLowAdd Flashproxy supportTor configurationCode
5521ConfirmedLowRemove system tools menu duplicatesCode
5567ConfirmedLowAllow opting-out of additional software installation in the GreeterPersistenceCode
5740ConfirmedLowzramHardware supportCode
5788ConfirmedLowRestart I2P when time changesCode
5913ConfirmedLowAdd Gnome PPP for Dial-Up UsersCode
5954ConfirmedLowExtract htpdate parameters from initscriptTime synchronizationCode
5554ConfirmedLowTorchat in TailsCode
5606ConfirmedLowAdd VirtualBox host softwareVirtualizationCodeDev Needed
5698ConfirmedLowTails with external TorTor configurationCode
5761ConfirmedLowMute audio outputCode
5961ConfirmedLowPersistence preset: run arbitrary scriptPersistenceCode
5726ConfirmedLowPort Anonymouth to TailsCode
5962ConfirmedLowSet default dictionary according to locale in the browserInternationalizationCode
5974ConfirmedLowReuse installed Windows wallpaperCamouflageCode
5979ConfirmedLowPersistence preset: mouse and touchpad settingsPersistenceCode
6065ConfirmedLowRe-enable Indymedia IRC accountCode
6236ConfirmedLowJitsi for VoIP and XMPPCodeakuckartz
6070ConfirmedLowSupport arbitrary DNS queriesCode
6083ConfirmedLowAutorun in WindowsCode
6261ConfirmedLowThe browser should not connect to on startupCode
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