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# Status Priority Subject Category Assignee QA Check Updated
15743 New Normal Too much log when using obfs4 in Tails Tor configuration intrigeri Info Needed 07/19/2018 04:41 PM
15632 New Low Tails-core script sajolida 07/19/2018 03:51 PM
15730 New Normal run_test_suite: Don't try and use XVFB_PID if it's not defined. Test suite intrigeri Ready for QA 07/16/2018 08:45 AM
15729 New Normal Please add *.apt-sources and *.build-manifest to .gitignore Build system intrigeri Ready for QA 07/16/2018 08:31 AM
15727 New Low Please make it more obvious that the .orig file check is fatal Build system intrigeri Ready for QA 07/13/2018 11:07 AM
15722 New Low Cannot build from source (maybe not bug) grey-helm Info Needed 07/10/2018 10:02 AM
15662 New Normal Don't require encrypted partitions to be labelled "TailsData" in the GPT table. intrigeri Info Needed 07/03/2018 12:28 PM
15682 New Normal Sound system not working on an Acer Aspire one 1-431 intrigeri 06/23/2018 02:15 PM
15608 New Normal Tails 3.7 suspends every 10 seconds on a T400 with libreboot goupille 05/25/2018 02:39 PM
15465 New Normal Sound system not working on iMac dedlock Info Needed 05/04/2018 12:32 PM
15451 New Normal Greeter freezes if the persistent filesystem is corrupted alant Info Needed 05/04/2018 08:51 AM
15484 New Normal Upgrade Electrum to 3.1.1+ s7r Info Needed 04/10/2018 08:44 AM

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