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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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14696In ProgressInstall Tor Browser 7.0.6Codeanonym
14689ConfirmedDocument Cherry Trails Atom computers issues in the Known Issues ListHardware supportEnd-user documentationsajolida
14688Confirmedapticron cronjob on buse sends warnings over emailInfrastructureSysadmingroenteReady for QA
14656In ProgressRescue work on testing the Root Terminal + Terminal dogtailificationTest suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
14627In ProgressDesign DAVE 2InstallationUser interface designsajolida
14607ConfirmedAnalyze results of Tails 3.2~alpha1 call for reproductionResearchanonym
14606In ProgressSilence AppArmor logs for Tor BrowserCodeanonymReady for QA
14566ConfirmedSystematically gather data about failures when creating the intermediary TailsInstallationResearchmercedes508
14548ConfirmedAnalyze Mac Install observation process notes from 2017 summitInstallationResearchsajolida
14532ConfirmedDiscuss the future of "Hole in the Roof"Discusssajolida
14525ConfirmedCreate tickets and update blueprint for the next steps in the personas processResearchsajolida
13656In ProgressUpgrade bitcoind on bitcoin.lizardInfrastructureSysadmingroente
13579In ProgressCron script cleaning up the time-based apt-snapshots tmp dirInfrastructureSysadmingroenteDev Needed
13571ConfirmedWrite release notes for 3.2End-user documentationsajolidaInfo Needed
13541In ProgressTor still sometimes fails to bootstrap in the test suiteTest suiteCodeanonymReady for QA
13503ConfirmedRedmine: commenting on a ticket using a screen reader seems brokenAccessibilitySysadminbertagaz
13425In ProgressUpgrade lizard's storage (2017 edition)InfrastructureSysadminbertagazDev Needed
13301In ProgressUpdate doc to new Tails Installer without splash screen (in Tails)InstallationEnd-user documentationsajolida
12740In ProgressVarious .cache files not reproducible in some environmentsBuild systemResearchlambyInfo Needed
12738In ProgressRemove gconfBuild systemCodePass
12724ConfirmedVirtualbox shared folders are not automatically mounted in Tails 3.0VirtualizationResearchgoupilleInfo Needed
12709In ProgressBootstrap the 2018Q2 → 2019Q1 budget forecasting processCommunicatesajolida
12681In Progressreproducibly_build_Tails_ISO_* Jenkins jobs are buggy when building from a tagContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagazReady for QA
12650ConfirmedDeal with September 2017 false positive CI notificationsContinuous IntegrationResearchbertagaz
12649ConfirmedDeal with August 2017 false positive CI notificationsContinuous IntegrationResearchbertagaz
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