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13471ConfirmedLowUse Yawning's Sandboxed Tor BrowserCode
13416ConfirmedElevatedTails_3.1Restore APT pinning of
13274ConfirmedLowConsider adding a popup to OnionCircuits notifcation area while Tor is not readyCode
12694ConfirmedLowTails-Upgrader: long pause between downloading and 'restart tails' windowsCode
12449ConfirmedLowFix multiple lock screen buttonsCode
12399ConfirmedNormalAdd support for debug cmdline option in WhisperbackCode
12396ConfirmedNormalHonor the "debug" kernel cmdline option in Tails InstallerInstallationCode
12395ConfirmedNormalHonor the "debug" kernel cmdline option in persistence-setupPersistenceCode
12379ConfirmedNormalAllow creating the persistent storage from Tails GreeterPersistenceCode
12377ConfirmedNormalTails Installer wrongly reports "impossible to upgrade" when SD card is plugged after Tails Installer startedInstallationCode
12360ConfirmedLowFlorence indicator state can get out-of-sync with Florence statusCode
12264ConfirmedLowReintroduce I2PCode
12105ConfirmedNormalAdjust chrooted browsers to overlayfsCode
12094ConfirmedNormalAllow persisting localized timezone for displayed timePersistenceCode
11815ConfirmedNormalHave Tails::Download::HTTPS require TLS 1.2+Code
11678ConfirmedNormalHave tails work on a few x86 tabletsCode
11636ConfirmedNormalReplace apt-transport-tor with APT 1.3's Tor or SOCKS5h supportCode
11587ConfirmedNormalGreeter shows wrong state after desktop fails to start or crashesPersistenceCode
11535ConfirmedLowFail at setting Tor bridge mode when using Unsafe Browser to get bridgesTor configurationCode
11471ConfirmedLow'Help' button hover state Code
11406ConfirmedNormalImplement automatic l10n screenshots for wiki InternationalizationCode
11387ConfirmedLowTails upgrader left garbage in Tails partitionCode
11247ConfirmedLowBrowser bookmarks get not saved to the correct category using persistencePersistenceCode
11226ConfirmedNormalI2P and Icedove will not work with TorBirdy enabledCode

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