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Toggle check # Status Subject Category Affected tool Type of work Assignee QA Check
  Tails_3.1 1 Collapse all/Expand all
13503ConfirmedRedmine: commenting on a ticket using a screen reader seems brokenAccessibilitySysadminbertagaz
  (blank) 15 Collapse all/Expand all
12466NewOpenPGP Applet: consider adding shortcuts for decrypting and copying to clipboardAccessibilityOpenPGP AppletCodesajolida
12384ConfirmedForward Greeter accessibility settings to the GNOME sessionAccessibilityGreeterCodealant
12014NewTails Installer accessibility: speech does not workAccessibilityInstallerResearchJ0001Info Needed
11664ConfirmedImprove usability of the Greeter with a screenreaderAccessibilityGreeterCodealant
11429Confirmed"Larger Text" does not refresh the whole view in new GreeterAccessibilityGreeterCodealant
11045ConfirmedOpening Florence from the Applications menu creates a duplicate widget in the top iconsAccessibilityOn-screen keyboardCode
9732ConfirmedOrca cannot work with ElectrumAccessibilityWait
9260ConfirmedOrca doesn't read Tor Browser if Orca is started after Tor BrowserAccessibilityBrowserCode
9051In ProgressTor Launcher is not accessibleAccessibilityTor LauncherCodeDev Needed
8444ConfirmedMonitor development of screen keyboard in GNOMEAccessibilityOn-screen keyboardResearchalant
7507ConfirmedAdd quick navigation linksAccessibilityWebsite
7506ConfirmedAdd header to the beginning of pages contentAccessibilityWebsitepzajda
7503ConfirmedThe Persistent Volume Assistant prints error messages in an inaccessible formatAccessibilityCode
7502In ProgressChrooted browsers are not accessibleAccessibilityUnsafe BrowserCode
7260ConfirmedPersistence feature for Universal accessAccessibilityCode


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