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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
  Tails_0.22 3 Collapse all/Expand all
6468ResolvedDisable WebRTCCodePass
6467ResolvedMemory wipe broken with Linux 3.11CodePass
6462ResolvedTails Installer fails to list USB stick with isohybrid Tails installedInstallationCodePass
  Tails_0.22.1 30 Collapse all/Expand all
6629ResolvedMany security issues in PidginCodePass
6612ResolvedIn spanish, browser homepage does not existCodePass
6584ResolvedUpgrade to Linux 3.12CodePass
6573ResolvedLocalize Iceweasel wrapper scriptCode
6536ResolvedWindows camouflage script does not set the browser icon to IE's one anymoreCodePass
6512ResolvedWrite warning against using Tails while applying an incremental upgradesEnd-user documentation
6511ResolvedMake "copy this link" clearer in the Incremental UpgraderCode
6509ResolvedDo not try to open URLs in the browser from the Incremental UpgraderCode
6506ResolvedWarn the user about network disconnectionCode
6503ResolvedGive more informative titles to IUK dialogsCode
6501ResolvedRename the buttons to be more explicitCode
6497ResolvedFix various NSS security issues in squeeze-backportsCode
6496ResolvedDrop sqlite3, nss and nspr backports from our APT repositoryCodePass
6495ResolvedUse StartupNotify=true for the Incremental UpgraderCode
6479ResolvedUnsafe Browser cannot connect to the InternetCodePass
6477ResolvedgetTorbuttonUserAgent differs from browser user-agentCodePass
6458ResolvedTest incremental upgradesTest
6451ResolvedAdd information doc writers will need to the incremental upgrades placeholder documentation pagesEnd-user documentation
6450ResolvedGet IUK software translatedWait
6449ResolvedGet our perl5lib translatedWait
6448ResolvedPrepare IUK and update-description files from 0.22-rc1Code
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