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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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15614 Confirmed File tickets for 2019Q2 → 2020Q1 budget forecasting Accounting intrigeri
15803 In Progress Upgrade Tor Browser to 8.0a10 Code segfault Ready for QA
15802 In Progress New ASP code breaks creating new empty persistence config files when permissions are incorrect Persistence Code alant Ready for QA
15801 In Progress The Tor Browser 8.0a9 icon (overview, taskbar) is uglier than it used to be Code segfault Ready for QA
15799 In Progress "Additional software packages are installed even without network" test always fail in my environment Test suite Code CyrilBrulebois Ready for QA
15796 In Progress Mitigate Foreshadow aka. L1 Terminal Fault vulnerabilities Code intrigeri Ready for QA
15792 In Progress Upgrade to Thunderbird 60 final Code intrigeri Ready for QA
15733 Confirmed Unlocking TCRYPT volume sometimes shows a confusing error message Code segfault
15728 Confirmed VeraCrypt Mounter: Spinner sometimes disappears too early Code segfault
15706 In Progress Tor Browser 8 always prompts wrt. asking webpages in English Code segfault Ready for QA
15667 In Progress No VeraCrypt integration in GTK ask-password dialog Code segfault
15652 In Progress Keyboard and touchpad does not work on MacBook 12" Hardware support Code marbetschar Dev Needed
15644 Confirmed Upload the 3.7 ISO to our Tails ISO history git-annex repo Code bertagaz Dev Needed
15605 In Progress Make optionally accept a list of files Code u Dev Needed
15567 Confirmed Fix bugs and UX issues in the Additional Software beta Code
15564 In Progress Typo on Tails Installer Installation Code emmapeel Dev Needed
15508 Confirmed Clean up tags in persistence-setup.git Infrastructure Code bertagaz
15483 In Progress Update Electrum configuration file Code s7r Ready for QA
15408 In Progress Consider forcing wrapping of po files at 79 chars per line Code u
15364 Confirmed Create .gitattributes with merge strategy for po files Code hefee
15362 In Progress Run check_po whenever we try to commit a po file in all Git repositories Code u
15300 Confirmed Redesign Tails Server GUI Code sajolida Info Needed
15244 In Progress Iteration 2: Upstream support for unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in Nautilus Code segfault Info Needed
15226 In Progress Iteration 2: Upstream support for file containers in GtkPlacesSidebar Code segfault Dev Needed
15223 In Progress Iteration 2: Support unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in GNOME Code segfault
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