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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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15090In ProgressTravel reimbursements for sysadmin sprint (2017-12)AccountingsajolidaReady for QA
14778ConfirmedSponsorW report for 2018-02FundraisingAccountingsajolida
12708In ProgressPrepare our 2018Q2 → 2019Q1 budgetAccountingsajolida
15322In ProgressMany firewall rejection logs during early boot due to localhost.localdomain DNS lookupsCodebertagazReady for QA
15309In ProgressUpgrade to Linux 4.15Hardware supportCodeintrigeri
15298In ProgressRebase our Thunderbird custom package on top of 52.6.0CodebertagazReady for QA
15287ConfirmedMake it possible to reproducibly generate IUKs on lizardContinuous IntegrationCodeanonym
15286In ProgressAdapt automated test suite for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade schemeTest suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
15283In ProgressImplement the "one single SquashFS diff" scheme in Tails UpgraderInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
15282In ProgressAdd a prompt right before applying an IUKInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
15281In ProgressStack one single SquashFS diff when upgradingInstallationCodeanonym
15279ConfirmedRefresh Tails signing key before each upgrade checkInstallationCodeanonym
15270In Progressdevel branch FTBFS since torbrowser-launcher 0.2.9 entered sidCodebertagazReady for QA
15254In ProgressTails Installer breaks due to unicode status messagesInternationalizationCodebertagazReady for QA
15233In ProgressTails Installer cannot select an ISO in non-English localesInstallationCodebertagazReady for QA
15232In ProgressRevert to Stretch's xorg-xserverCodeintrigeri
15220ConfirmedIteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in udisksCodesegfault
15219ConfirmedIteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in libblockdevCodesegfault
15217ConfirmedIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in DisksCodeanonymReady for QA
15216In ProgressIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in libblockdevCodesegfault
15215In ProgressIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in udisksCodesegfault
15211In ProgressReduce our Chutney networkTest suiteCodeanonym
15201ConfirmedDisable Memory Hole for outgoing emails in TailsCodeanonym
15198In ProgressConvert ASP to Python3 and follow PEP-8CodeanonymPass
15105In ProgressRemove duplicate text on "Installation complete" dialogInstallationCodebertagazReady for QA
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