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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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5630 In Progress Reproducible builds Build system Code anonym
6156 In Progress Upstream secure Thunderbird autoconfig wizard Communicate anonym
7667 Confirmed Create a public repo for check-mirrors Infrastructure Sysadmin groente
9005 In Progress Tails Installer without a splash screen Installation Code kurono Dev Needed
9372 In Progress Use 'set -e' and 'set -u' in every shell script where reasonably doable Code kurono
10034 Confirmed Translation web platform Infrastructure Wait u
10068 In Progress Upgrade to Jenkins 2.x, using upstream packages Continuous Integration Research bertagaz Dev Needed
10114 Confirmed Tails Installer freezes for too long on "Synchronizing data on disk..." Installation Research kurono Dev Needed
10225 In Progress Compile a Tails writing style guide Contributors documentation sajolida Ready for QA
10265 In Progress Test that DDG is the default search engine in Tor Browser Test suite Code spriver Dev Needed
10277 In Progress Automatically test that Tails has booted correctly and without errors Test suite Code spriver Dev Needed
10278 In Progress Automatically test that services that we disable are not started Test suite Code spriver Dev Needed
10494 In Progress Retry htpdate when it fails Time synchronization Code bertagaz Dev Needed
10912 In Progress Tails Installer fails to install on USB stick that has a isohybrid dd'ed to it Installation Code kurono
11082 Confirmed Replace Liferea Code intrigeri
11181 In Progress Better abstraction of ::local::node Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
11253 Confirmed See if we can upstream our VPN bits to immerda's puppet-tinc module Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz
11295 Confirmed Test jobs sometimes get scheduled on a busy isotester while there are available ones Continuous Integration Research bertagaz
11355 In Progress Re-enable Jenkins notifications on ISO build/test failure Continuous Integration Code bertagaz
11378 In Progress Make Tails Installer installable through Ubuntu Software Installation Debian u
11457 In Progress "I close the Unsafe Browser" step is fragile Test suite Code spriver Dev Needed
11557 In Progress Nightly ISO images are regularly unavailable for a couple minutes Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
11562 Confirmed Monitor servers from the htpdate pools Time synchronization Sysadmin bertagaz
11759 In Progress Install & configure a fresh weblate on the VM Sysadmin emmapeel Info Needed
11760 Confirmed Document the entire weblate installation & setup process Infrastructure Contributors documentation emmapeel Dev Needed
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