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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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14549ConfirmedMake a list of companies that do charitable givingsFundraisingResearchBitingBird
11683ConfirmedImprove installation instructions when Wi-Fi is not working (especially on macOS)Hardware supportEnd-user documentationsajolida
10970ConfirmedDocument screen lockerEnd-user documentationspriverInfo Needed
9803ConfirmedCall for a meeting to refine requirements for help desk request trackerInfrastructureResearchsajolida
7100ConfirmedDecide what to do with machine-idResearchbertagaz
12118In ProgressGather security policy compliance for 2017Communicatemercedes508
11898In ProgressHave a readable blueprint about randomness in TailsCommunicateDr_WhaxReady for QA
11897In ProgressCreate random seed at installation time with Tails InstallerInstallationCodebertagazInfo Needed
7642In ProgressInvestigate whether we should resume shipping a static random seedResearchDr_WhaxReady for QA
  Tails_3.5 176 Collapse all/Expand all
15041ConfirmedOur fake iceweasel package can be older than Codeintrigeri
15039ConfirmedIcon for .hc and .tc file extensionGraphicssajolida
15033ConfirmedRebase our Thunderbird custom package on top of 1:52.5.0-1~deb9u1Codeanonym
15020ConfirmedSupport running multiple instances of the automated test suite on the same systemTest suiteCodeanonym
15017Confirmed"Let's Go!" is not centered anymoreInstallationWebsitesajolida
15012ConfirmedReview test suite changes for Tails 3.5Test suiteCodeintrigeriReady for QA
14998ConfirmedExplain better that only the latest version can be verifiedInstallationUser interface designsajolida
14997ConfirmedExplain better how the verification works and why it failsInstallationUser interface designsajolida
14988ConfirmedEnable groente to do the backups part of his sysadmin shiftsInfrastructureSysadmingroente
14979ConfirmedRemove DAVE from AMOInstallationSysadminsajolida
14976ConfirmedConsider upgrading Linux kernel in Tails 3.5Hardware supportResearchintrigeri
14964ConfirmedDVD boot in Tails 3.3 is extremely slowHardware supportResearchemmapeelInfo Needed
14938ConfirmedTravel reimbursements for 34C3Accountingintrigeri
14935Confirmed"The persistent Tor Browser directory is usable" test is broken by the fundraising campaign headerTest suiteCodeanonym
14933Confirmedstable branch is not reproducible: differences in some .fa.html website filesCodeanonymDev Needed
14881ConfirmedDocument the survey platform in /contributeInfrastructureContributors documentationsajolida
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