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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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15484 New Upgrade Electrum to 3.1.1+ Debian s7r Info Needed
15821 Confirmed Video playback broken on Intel Corporation HD Graphics 530 (regression in 3.9~rc1) Hardware support Research mercedes508 Info Needed
15820 Confirmed Ublock Log window is empty, need right-click to display logs Test mercedes508
15817 Confirmed Blue border on "Let's go!" button in upgrade scenarios End-user documentation sajolida Pass
15815 Confirmed Duplicated time requirements on overviews Installation End-user documentation sajolida Pass
15805 Confirmed Update doc for Tor Browser 8 End-user documentation sajolida
15804 Confirmed Wrong language for setting admin password when selecting English-UK Internationalization Translate sajolida
15772 Confirmed Upgrade tor to 0.3.4 stable Wait intrigeri
15761 Confirmed Organize our work wrt. GTK+ 3.24 release schedule Communicate segfault Info Needed
15759 Confirmed Add the big donors from the 2017 campaign to /partners Website sajolida
15757 Confirmed Some VeraCrypt volumes require admin password to unlock Communicate segfault
15740 Confirmed weblate is logging too much Infrastructure Translate groente
15733 Confirmed Unlocking TCRYPT volume sometimes shows a confusing error message Code segfault
15728 Confirmed VeraCrypt Mounter: Spinner sometimes disappears too early Code segfault
15713 Confirmed Ask the project to prioritize the first personas Discuss sajolida
15712 Confirmed Create a first version of our personas in time for the summit Research sajolida
15688 Confirmed Improve the CSS of our tables Website sajolida Ready for QA
15658 Confirmed Consider enabling Enigmail by default Research sajolida
15644 Confirmed Upload the 3.7 ISO to our Tails ISO history git-annex repo Code bertagaz Dev Needed
15615 Confirmed Iteration 1: Clarify whether we can upstream a `udisks2-tcrypt.deb` to Debian Communicate segfault
15614 Confirmed File tickets for 2019Q2 → 2020Q1 budget forecasting Accounting intrigeri
15567 Confirmed Fix bugs and UX issues in the Additional Software beta Code
15561 Confirmed Prepare snippet about ASP for the Tails 3.9 release notes Website sajolida Ready for QA
15558 Confirmed Fix Bitcoin icon on Persistent configuration docs Persistence Graphics sajolida
15548 Confirmed Tails can't establish a connection with obfs4 bridges and a hardware clock >> UTC Tor configuration Research goupille Info Needed
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