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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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15610 Confirmed AppArmor breaks importing public OpenPGP keys from email attachments Code intrigeri
15607 Confirmed Upgrade to Thunderbird 52.8.0 Code intrigeri
15601 Confirmed Write a changelog for Tails Verification Installation Contributors documentation sajolida
15600 Confirmed Use newer version of Torbirdy in Tails Code u Info Needed
15599 Confirmed Improve known issues about clock going backwards Time synchronization End-user documentation cbrownstein
15598 Confirmed Explain loss of persistence.conf in known issues Persistence End-user documentation cbrownstein
15596 Confirmed Upload tails-installer 5.0.7 to Ubuntu PPA Debian u
15595 Confirmed Upload tails-installer 5.0.7 to stretch-backports Debian u
15594 Confirmed Upload tails-installer 5.0.7 to Debian Debian u
15593 Confirmed Upload torbirdy 0.2.5 to stretch-backports Debian u
15589 Confirmed Process community feedback Communicate segfault
15568 Confirmed Script create staging wiki with suggestions Internationalization Code u
15557 Confirmed Document workaround for partially applied automatic upgrade End-user documentation cbrownstein
15548 Confirmed Tails can't establish a connection with obfs4 bridges and a hardware clock >> UTC Tor configuration Research goupille Info Needed
15543 Confirmed Give examples of nice software to install each time End-user documentation emmapeel Dev Needed
15531 Confirmed Update plans and timeline wrt. upgrading to Tor Browser based on Firefox 60ESR Discuss intrigeri
15530 Confirmed Start upgrading to Tor Browser based on Firefox ESR60 Communicate anonym
15524 Confirmed Iteration 1: Write release process documentation for custom packages Contributors documentation segfault
15518 Confirmed Upgrade tor to 0.3.3 Research intrigeri
15508 Confirmed Clean up tags in persistence-setup.git Infrastructure Code bertagaz
15494 Confirmed Call for invoices on core work 2018Q2 Accounting sajolida
15476 Confirmed news/report_2018_01 contains images hosted in github Sysadmin groente
15470 Confirmed Enigmail hides part of WhisperBack reports whose body includes an OpenPGP public key Communicate lamby
15468 Confirmed Make the WhisperBack reports more helpdesk-friendly Code CyrilBrulebois
15464 Confirmed Rename "Tor Browser" into "Tor Downloads" Code sajolida
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