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# Priority Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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14858NormalAnalyze the results of the VeraCrypt surveyResearchsajolida
14829NormalPer diem for VeraCrypt UX sprint 2017-12Accountingsajolida
14785NormalAdd SponsorW to our ledgerAccountingintrigeri
14776NormalSponsorW report for 2017-12FundraisingAccountingsajolida
14775NormalSponsorW report for 2017-11FundraisingAccountingu
14742NormalVeraCrypt: UX & GUI design sprintUser interface designsajolida
14741NormalCall for invoices: 2017Q4Accountingsajolida
14709NormalRemove known issue about Atom Cherry TrailEnd-user documentationsajolida
14651NormalReview & sponsor new upstream version of KeyringerDebianu
14649NormalPackage, test and upload new upstream version of OnionshareDebianu
14648NormalFix multiarch issues in libotr packagingDebianu
14647NormalFix multiarch issues in libgsecuredelete packagingDebianu
14646NormalCore work 2017Q3 & 2017Q4: DebianDebianu
14622HighHave the Installer detect when "Clone & Upgrade" won't fit in the destination partition before deleting anythingInstallationCodeintrigeri
14613NormalSysadmin documentation is unclear about Git repositories for Puppet codeInfrastructureContributors documentationintrigeri
14571NormalCode review for Implement Offline ModeCodesegfault
14570NormalImplement Offline Mode for Additional Software PackagesCodealant
14536NormalRestructure the Known issues pageEnd-user documentationsajolida
14521NormalImprove UX when GDM does not startHardware supportCodeanonym
14518NormalClarify who's doing what in Technical writing teamContributors documentationsajolida
14498NormalDocument the internal XMPP serviceInfrastructureContributors documentationDr_Whax
14482NormalLet GNOME Files upstream know we intend to add VeraCrypt supportCommunicatesegfault
14469NormalWrite Gherkin scenarios for VeraCrypt automated testsTest suiteCodeanonym
14461NormalReview VeraCrypt support in udisksCodeanonym
14447NormalReplace UUI with Win32 Disk ImagerInstallationResearchanonym
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