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# Priority Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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15337NormalEnter our budget for 2018Q2 → 2019Q1 into ledgerAccountingsajolida
15328NormalTravel reimbursements for IFF 2018-03Accountingsajolida
15327NormalCall for invoices: 2018Q1Accountingintrigeri
15280NormalReorder persistence featuresPersistenceCodeintrigeri
15261Normalinsufficient rights for weblate group on translateInfrastructureSysadmingroenteInfo Needed
15259NormalAdd button in tails-persistence-setup to open the configuration interface of Additional SoftwarePersistenceCodeintrigeri
15253NormalIteration 1: Backport support for unlocking VeraCrypt partitions to udisks in StretchCodesegfault
15238NormalIteration 1: Write tests for unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GNOMETest suiteCodeanonym
15222NormalIteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GVfsCodesegfault
15221NormalIteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in DisksCodesegfault
15218NormalIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GVfsCodesegfault
15214NormalIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GNOMECodesegfault
15205NormalPer diem for Install and Accounting sprints 2018-02Accountingsajolida
15204NormalPer diem for IFF 2018-03Accountingsajolida
15157NormalTravel reimbursements for Tor dev meeting, 2018-03Accountingintrigeri
15091NormalGet ready for Thunderbird 57+Communicateanonym
15084NormalReview & RubberduckingTestgroente
15083NormalTest the setup extensively and deal with unexpected problemsTestu
15082NormalHave the interface communicate with our main Git repositorySysadminu
15081NormalAdjust our production websiteSysadminu
15080NormalIntegrate the staging website with the interfaceCodeu
15079NormalIntegrate the platform with our Git and ikiwiki infrastructureWaitu
15078NormalReview staging website and resilient buildSysadminbertagaz
15077NormalHave a staging website to build planned languages, with a resilient buildSysadmingroente
15076NormalTest the set up of the translation platformTestemmapeel
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