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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated QA Check
15542FeatureRejectedNormalOption to disable automatic screenlockerAnonymous04/18/2018 06:57 PM
15516FeatureRejectedNormalAdd MAT as an option for opening files with context menuhuertanix04/18/2018 07:12 PM
15498FeatureDuplicateNormalBuilt-in Deadman Switch (shutdown after user-set period)Anonymous04/08/2018 02:42 PMInfo Needed
15488FeatureRejectedNormalBuilt-in Deadman SwitchAnonymous04/07/2018 02:01 AM
15487FeatureRejectedNormalInbuilt 'Wickr' program electronica04/07/2018 01:56 AM
15482FeatureRejectedNormalInstalling zuluCrypt(GUI for cryptsetup)tycxtu04/01/2018 07:36 PM
15473FeatureDuplicateNormalConsider pointing the DuckDuckgo TBB searchbox to the .onion addressemmapeelemmapeel03/29/2018 12:01 PMInfo Needed
15469FeatureResolvedNormalWrite release notes for 3.6.2sajolida03/31/2018 02:42 PM
15467FeatureResolvedNormalCannot update backups of LimeSurveysajolida04/17/2018 07:29 AM
15441FeatureResolvedElevatedDocument that Tails Verification doesn't work in Tails 3.6 and 3.6.1sajolida03/27/2018 11:58 AM
15439FeatureDuplicateNormalKeePassXC password managerstdint03/22/2018 12:18 PM
15425FeatureResolvedNormalWrite release notes for 3.6.1sajolida03/17/2018 12:52 AMPass
15423FeatureResolvedNormalClarify unspecified items of the interfacesajolida03/22/2018 11:57 PMPass
15416FeatureResolvedNormalDocument how to manually upgrade to 3.6 and 3.6.1 for non-English userssajolida03/16/2018 11:05 PMPass
15414FeatureDuplicateNormalPer diem for IFF 2018-03sajolida04/09/2018 09:28 PM
15405FeatureResolvedNormalASP: implementat removal from the list in the configuration windowalantalant04/05/2018 05:52 PM
15386FeatureResolvedNormalConfusing UX due to Additional Software configuration GUI not refreshing packages listintrigerialant04/05/2018 05:51 PM
15376FeatureResolvedNormalSubmit out USB image project to NLNet on April 1st if it gets rejected by The ISC Projectsajolida04/09/2018 01:39 PM
15375FeatureRejectedLowMake it possible to choose thunderbird profilemuriintrigeri03/05/2018 11:58 AMInfo Needed
15374FeatureRejectedNormalconsider upgrading libreoffice to 1:6.0.1-1~bpo9+1dedlockdedlock03/06/2018 09:04 AMInfo Needed
15369FeatureResolvedNormalImprove buttons of tails-screen-lockersajolida03/14/2018 11:04 AMPass
15368FeatureResolvedNormaltails-screen-locker should display the full title of the dialogsajolida03/14/2018 11:04 AMPass
15367FeatureResolvedNormalRelease Tails Verification 1.0sajolida03/21/2018 11:06 PM
15366FeatureResolvedNormalTest the verification extension in Firefox 60 betasajolida03/19/2018 11:59 PM
15341FeatureResolvedNormalUpgrade to Stretch 9.4intrigeri03/14/2018 11:03 AMPass
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