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03:05 AM Backupninja Bug #578 (Rejected): Cannot put backup files on windows system becosue of bad cahracters in backu...
I think it's likely that the to-be-backed-up files contain invalid characters, which is something backupninja can't r...
03:02 AM Backupninja Bug #611 (Resolved): testing ticket submission
Now that we're using redmine, I think this issue is solved. People can just register with redmine and post comments (...


01:42 AM Backupninja Revision 78884142: Add a vim modeline with indentation settings.
The modelines added match the emacs lines already present and also set
the filetype to sh (just like the emacs lines).
01:34 AM Backupninja Revision 4ecaae94: Make all indentation consistent.
Previously, there were many indentation styles in use: Real tabs, 2, 3
or 4 spaces, mixing these within the same file...

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