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06:34 PM module_nginx Revision 9cc12e26: the augeas lens doesn't support maxsize, use minsize instead
06:13 PM etherpad Bug #11278 (New): error.log needs anonymization
I noticed that etherpadlite:/var/log/nginx/eplite.error.log isn't getting properly anonymized
06:08 PM module_nginx Revision 3a961f6c: adjust the default nginx logrotate file
use the same as the apache default (daily, 14) rather than the package
default (weekly, 52!) and also rotate if large...


07:52 AM Crabgrass Bug #11185 (New): accessing an asset while not logged in
If you try to access the url of an asset (a jpg in my case) and you aren't logged in, you get an error...
12:05 AM sympa Revision cbaacb4c: add


10:26 PM sympa Revision d4d65e3f: update now that MXs are their own hosts
10:19 PM sympa Revision 6893debf: sync sympa-bad-domains
09:08 PM sympa Revision 54525957: depend on newer versions of some perl modules
we need newer in order to detect the latest gTLDs and local rule changes


09:21 AM module_nagios Revision cdca9501: Merge branch 'enhancebot' into merge
09:20 AM module_nagios Revision c215cd12: fix escape sequences

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