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10:13 PM Backupninja Feature #8258: Handler for attic backup
to clarify regarding the helper changes I need, the lib/ returns the output from dialog in a string - RE...
08:22 PM Backupninja Feature #8258 (In Progress): Handler for attic backup
initial handler for attic - - a fast, secure de-duplicating remote backup
program. (a good...


12:06 AM Backupninja Bug #8185 (In Progress): get returncode of subshell
backupninja contains the code...


11:10 PM Backupninja Bug #8184: git repository is not working
Also - is this project still in development? Some of my changes are sat waiting for some months (stated they require ...
11:07 PM Backupninja Bug #8184 (Duplicate): git repository is not working


03:22 PM Backupninja Bug #6388: Migrate from hwinfo to lshw
hwinfo is still missing from the last Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, so I think it's still better to use by default something that...
03:19 PM Backupninja Feature #6727: Ability to run a script before and after a job
in your code you have "we have a problem! we can't grab the return code "$?". grrr." so I assume there is already a p...
03:15 PM Backupninja Feature #6796: ionice support (initially for rdiff-backup)
It's a simple patch with little changes. I can at least tell you I am running with this change on a few of my machine...


02:41 AM Backupninja Bug #6803 (Fix committed): checkbox options not being set in config
the case statement looks for each option with the "quotes" included. the options do not include the quote so no optio...
02:35 AM Backupninja Bug #6388: Migrate from hwinfo to lshw
see attached diff.
this switches to use lshw by default (variable names are kept the same for backwards compatibil...

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