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07:28 AM cg-core Bug #4311: restricting group wiki editing to council members doesn't work
I tried to reproduce that behavior, but wasn't able to even see the "permissions" tab after removing myself from the ...


12:13 PM cg-core Bug #4378 (Resolved): exception when viewing page that doesn't exist
Pull Request:
12:12 PM cg-core Bug #4372 (Resolved): dash does not list newly created pages
Pull request:


02:39 AM cg-core Bug #4314 (Resolved): initial group for network is required


03:59 AM cg-core Bug #4201 (Resolved): Adding banner to /me/profile doesnt work
Forcing the file mode to 0644 now.
Pull request:
This should ...
03:08 AM cg-core Bug #4177: support for browser back button and page search
I just tried how it works now. The back button works, but doesn't show any spinner.
02:12 AM cg-core Feature #3485: Ability to close / delete your account.
Just tested again, seems like the password is cleared now.


07:59 AM cg-core Bug #4201 (In Progress): Adding banner to /me/profile doesnt work
nope, fix didn't work. another try tomorrow.
05:57 AM cg-core Bug #4262: search turns up fewer results
that was probably because sphinx search wasn't running on, so it was only searching through page titles.
It s...
03:17 AM cg-core Bug #4204 (Resolved): page details popup pagination not working
The pull request has been merged ~20 minutes after your comment here, so the change wasn't deployed back then.

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