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07:55 PM Backupninja Bug #11148 (New): mysqldump shouldn't dump information_schema or performance_schema
The mysql handler when using mysqldump, with the "databases" setting set to "all", currently dumps _all_ databases. T...


04:12 PM module_nagios Revision 93a00004: lint init.pp
one line is too long, break the code block into multiple lines to fix
this issue. it also creates more breathing spac...
04:12 PM module_nagios Revision 2ee46c9a: files managed for apache on debian break usage through main class
Currently the nagios::apache class manages some files for debian. This
means that when using the main class for setti...
01:13 PM module_nagios Revision 395c17f2: remove non-ascii char in comment
puppet 3.x refuses to run when there are non-ASCII chars in comments
(wth!). so replace that char with an ASCII repre...


06:57 AM Backupninja Feature #3543: Support bup as a backup method
Hi there, I've forced pushed an updated "bup_support" branch to my github repos:


08:14 PM mysql Bug #6638 (Resolved): initial rootpw might not get set
I've pushed a commit to my gitlab fork. It should be merged in the context of:


08:23 AM module_nagios Revision 53c19e4a: require package before config files
In the current state of the module, almost 100% of the time nagios
doesn't install correctly since ordering of the re...


01:06 PM module_nagios Revision 29c61a62: stop defining an alias by default for hosts
Since the "alias" attribute is special for puppet in that it needs to be
a string that's unique throughout all of the...


09:21 PM mysql Bug #4343 (Duplicate): silence backup cronn on mysql versions > 5.5.29
This is in the process of being merged on gitlab merge request:
09:14 PM nagios Bug #4093 (Resolved): Unquote boolean variables
I tried cherry-picking this commit and a good portion of it actually didn't apply to shared master. so it was down to...

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