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02:11 AM cg-core Revision 5ed45ead: added tests for interaction of wiki section locks and versions
02:11 AM cg-core Revision 5d8afc71: port wiki/locking_test and wiki/versioning_test to minitest
02:11 AM cg-core Revision c1fb8a3b: Do not create a new wiki version if the user has edited the wiki in the past 3...
This reverts commit d56e5e4b190f9b0fd720c5eac309dc378a89c373 from 2011, "Some fixes for locking complications. Howeve...


01:26 PM tor Feature #10505 (New): update hs-addresses-signed.txt
The file riseup_help.git:pages/security/network-security/tor/hs-addresses-signed.txt does not list the correct ports ...


03:36 AM cg-core Revision 73897f12: add list of groups to the dashboard, and make the "Groups" dropdown the same.
the list is composed of mostly recently visited groups, alpha sorted, that the user is a member of, plus the parent g...
03:36 AM cg-core Revision d5b8fb3c: enable `current_site.tracking?` by default. the only thing that turning off tr...
03:36 AM cg-core Revision a611a458: fix typo that defined which requests were membership related.
03:36 AM cg-core Revision 78cecbc3: fix the content type of outgoing emails (text is not the default anymore, must...
03:36 AM cg-core Revision 6951584e: add create page link to group home.


05:22 PM cg-core Bug #10052: requests have problems
> if you send an invite via email, the request doesn't show up under membership requests, just normal requests.

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