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12:58 PM Tails Bug #14498 (Resolved): Document the internal XMPP service
Dr_Whax wrote:
> You're the sysadmin on duty! Please review and merge!
Done and merged. Same remark than for #149...
12:55 PM Tails Revision 2b8e3d42: Fix typos.
12:50 PM Tails Bug #14966 (Resolved): Fix typo in Mumble section of contribute/working_together/roles/sysadmins
Dr_Whax wrote:
> I would kindly request a review and merge for this ticket. If you have any questions, please assign...


11:25 AM Tails Feature #13436: Have Jenkins jobs that reproduce ISOs when a branch ticket is Ready for QA
intrigeri wrote:
> Similarly,
11:01 AM Tails Revision d38d989e: Revert "Revert "updated PO files""
This reverts commit f3155c757d0c40b29701956c64b6f80bd72015a7.
11:00 AM Tails Revision 28dd475e: Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'feature/12356+reproducible_blog_post'""
This reverts commit fcb7ee346ece30db346952b5c6ed97100e78db85.
Apparently we can't really remove posts from the inter...
10:50 AM Tails Revision f3155c75: Revert "updated PO files"
This reverts commit 6cd77bb7721059743af68c882e5fade3581a34b8.
10:49 AM Tails Revision fcb7ee34: Revert "Merge branch 'feature/12356+reproducible_blog_post'"
This reverts commit 888b33ad6bdbeaef853bba5562ff4d5bafb84a84, reversing
changes made to 72321e5c5f2e1eb09ce3eeaedacac...
10:38 AM Tails Bug #14933 (Confirmed): stable branch is not reproducible: differences in some .fa.html website f...
bertagaz wrote:
> Apparently that seems to do the trick, so it's been merged together with #14946.
During the 3.3...


11:12 AM Tails Bug #14946 (Fix committed): Topic branches that lag behind their base branch don't build reproduc...
bertagaz wrote:
> Taking over the reviewing as part of the follow up of #12633.
Good catch, as said on IRC, I wou...

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