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07:04 AM Crabgrass Support #1272: Individual Owner-User Unable To Remove Permissions From Group
Multiple reports from users that we cannot Unshare a page that was created, after it was created, when a Group has be...


03:48 PM Crabgrass Bug #1173 (Resolved): None of the new content (or old) showing on the S...
12:59 PM Crabgrass Bug #1223 (Resolved): Multiple Messages To Moderator When Content Flagged
Confirmed - I no longer am getting duplicate messages


12:13 PM Crabgrass Bug #1256: Wall Links Vs. Private Messages = User Confusion
Here is what I think happened: I posted (sent) a message but forgot to enter the recipient. So the error was user err...


08:58 AM Crabgrass Bug #1182: Unable To Feature Page using IE6
This problem only happening on IE6 right now.
08:08 AM Crabgrass Bug #1266 (Resolved): Error message on File page in
When I try to open this page:


02:18 PM Crabgrass Bug #1263 (Resolved): Error message when trying to edit Group Home wiki on
I get this error when I try to edit the group:
in site:
02:16 PM Crabgrass Feature #1257: remove "more" link next to wiki on group home page.
If this is referring to the "More" link next to the Group Wiki - I'd like to know if we can simply hide this until Gr...


08:57 AM Crabgrass Bug #1256 (Confirmed): Wall Links Vs. Private Messages = User Confusion
*Summary:* a private message on the wall does NOT link to the private message until after message has been opened and...


09:34 AM Crabgrass Bug #1242 (Confirmed): Unable to destroy group in Unite for Climate site from superadmin
Two admins have tried and failed to destroy this group:

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