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11:54 PM Crabgrass Feature #4167 (New): Can't remove members from a group
I have not been able to find a way to remove individual members from a group or network without them electively remov...


10:51 PM Crabgrass Bug #3476: Members cannot be removed from a network
I would also like to see this feature and think it is in urgent need of developing.
10:34 PM Crabgrass Feature #4165 (New): delete messages from private message box
I cant delete received messages from my private message box. I can delete messages that I added to the thread but not...
10:21 PM Crabgrass Bug #2177: Private messages remain unread
I also have noticed this. I like that I am notified when I have an unread message. But after I have read it I would l...
09:56 PM Crabgrass Bug #2177: Private messages remain unread
evoltech wrote:
> I wonder if this is not the same as th section reading ie. 0/3 unread messages, which means "There...

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