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12:35 AM puppet Bug #2515: Puppetlast error on Puppet 2.6.1
puppetlast works on 2.7.1-1~bpo60+3 after applying the following diff:...


08:33 PM Puppet Modules Bug #3333: 2.7 deprecation warnings
On 08/07/2011 08:45 AM, redmine@labs.riseup.net wrote:
> So I guess I need to understand namespaces better... anyone...


11:46 PM puppet Bug #2928: Attempts to override Package[puppetmaster] before it's defined
micah wrote:
> It looks like pietro ran into a similar issue and came up with a somewhat similar fix:
> https:/...


07:06 PM shorewall Bug #2855: Source hardcoded to 'net' on all shorewall::rules::$service classes
I did a option 1 for puppet and munin. check the commits made on march 29th on https://github.com/deck/puppet-shorewa...
05:15 PM shorewall Bug #2855 (Rejected): Source hardcoded to 'net' on all shorewall::rules::$service classes
For example the class shorewall::rules::imap defines a shorewall::rule named 'net-me-tcp_imap_s' with the source set ...


02:03 PM Crabgrass Bug #856: public encryption keys reports incorrect fingerprint
There is already a ruby gpgme biding library at
http://rubyforge.org/projects/ruby-gpgme/ and it is packaged for debi...


05:05 PM Crabgrass Feature #1136 (Resolved): Create and archive link for the chat rooms
Applied in changeset commit:"be9c2426a913480e3530a91ded320cbf0d0ca47f".


05:17 PM Crabgrass Feature #1150 (In Progress): Chat moderation
05:17 PM Crabgrass Feature #1150 (Resolved): Chat moderation
Add a link at the bottom of the channel that records the date and time. Moderators should get a link pointing to the ...


07:12 PM Crabgrass Bug #1091: Page Stuck In Inbox
sunbird wrote:
> This page: https://we.riseup.net/daniel/june-development-2009-final
> Stays in my inbox as "un...

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