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11:15 AM Tails Revision 94ade0f6: I checked with these people and they concerns are solved now :)
10:48 AM Tails Feature #14742: VeraCrypt: UX & GUI design sprint
The sprint is over and I've reported about it:
The last remain...
10:46 AM Tails Feature #14474 (Resolved): Research user needs for VeraCrypt support in Tails
Done and reported about:
10:45 AM Tails Feature #14858 (Resolved): Analyze the results of the VeraCrypt survey
Done and reported about:
10:44 AM Tails Feature #14540: Survey platform
Seeing the great results of the survey, this work is definitely something that we'll reuse in the future for general ...
10:42 AM Tails Feature #14473 (Resolved): Research development cost for adding VeraCrypt support to Tails
Done and reported about:
10:41 AM Tails Feature #15048 (Confirmed): Per diem for VeraCrypt UX sprint
09:19 AM Tails Revision 2f6ea8d6: Improve summary
09:16 AM Tails Revision a6c52953: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
09:13 AM Tails Revision 8a36f675: Report on VeraCrypt UX sprint

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