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06:33 PM Tails Revision 33ade7b4: Avoid acronyms
06:33 PM Tails Revision be6f5a91: Income statement for 2016 (#14764)
05:26 PM Tails Feature #14833 (Resolved): Point to the survey from /home
The build works on my machine and on Jenkins so it's on your side. Happy to debug your ikiwiki setup once we meet (bu...
05:23 PM Tails Feature #14558: Analyze donations from the 2017 campaign
I could do that one myself if you prefer. Since I did the analysis from last year already...
05:18 PM Tails Bug #14831: Write blogposts for the donation campaign
05:12 PM Tails Bug #14832: Change Bank account on donation page to CCT
Oops, sorry I misunderstood your intention regarding CCT's bank account setup and thanks for enlightening me: There a...
04:56 PM Tails Revision 01207ffe: Replace wrong closing tag
04:52 PM Tails Revision abd6c95f: Serious nitpicking
04:49 PM Tails Revision 55719080: Consistent layout of bank and bank address that also prevents wrapping
04:45 PM Tails Revision 8257af47: Let's say that the German bank account is preferred
That could help people neither in Europe nor in the US make a decision.
And since CCT will rely on the German legisl...

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