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04:39 PM Tails Bug #9059: "Additional software" locks the opening of the desktop
intrigeri wrote:
> Also, the handling of the flag file we rely on (@/run/live-additional-software/activated@) has a ...
04:26 PM Tails Feature #14570: Implement Offline Mode for Additional Software Packages
I reviewed the code. I fixed 2 whitespace errors and removed the @f_@ prefix in @restore_old_apt_lists@, which makes ...
04:25 PM Tails Revision 2dec6767: ASP: remove unclear f_ prefix
They make the code less readable to me
04:16 PM Tails Revision bde4166a: Update design documentation about additional software packages
04:13 PM Tails Revision b427b153: ASP: add missing whitespaces in multiline strings
03:08 PM Tails Feature #6038 (In Progress): Additional software: fix installation of packages requiring manual c...
Applied in changeset commit:fcc7a9c2b0855b189170d4374eafc428efdab4ab.
03:04 PM Tails Revision fcc7a9c2: additional software: use debconf priority critical
Will-fix: #6038
02:38 PM Tails Bug #9059: "Additional software" locks the opening of the desktop
Basic implementation is ready to build and test. An addition of debugging, polishing could include :
* notifying u...
02:28 PM Tails Revision cfd9c114: Enable the bugfix-9059-additional-software-after-session APT overlay (refs: #9...
02:07 PM Tails Bug #9059 (In Progress): "Additional software" locks the opening of the desktop
Applied in changeset commit:4e6099094470f43d9c2eb1208471a05e303b1548.

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