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10:10 AM Tails Bug #14992: Tor Browser size at screen 1366x768 now seems smaller than necessary
intrigeri wrote:
> > Could you please try to reproduce using Tor Browser on Debian?
> … or on any other non-Tai...
09:59 AM Tails Bug #15014 (Confirmed): Keys disappear from seahorse after importing one
I've encountered the following issue several times with seahorse from Tails 3.2, 3.3 at least:
when importing a ke...


03:16 PM Tails Bug #14960 (Duplicate): Tails Download and Verify [WebExtension/Firefox Quantum support]
I guess you're talking about this ticket #12328?
03:13 PM Tails Bug #14913 (Confirmed): Add link to video tutorial from Infosec//Bytes//CIJ
03:12 PM Tails Bug #13182: Errors on a T500 with libreboot
03:07 PM Tails Bug #14879: Tails Greeter described as set of dialogs but there is only one dialog
03:06 PM Tails Bug #14848: NoScript changes security slider settings
Ruti can you confirm this is fixed in Tails 3.3?
03:03 PM Tails Bug #14994: tails installer fails with UDisks2.Partition "no such interface"
Assigning to you intri. Mainly because I'll lack technical skills, but also but I don't know it we should investigate...
03:00 PM Tails Bug #14499 (Resolved): Define Help Desk 2017Q4 shifts schedule


06:44 PM Tails Bug #14855 (Resolved): Update to mitigate new Wi-Fi vulnerability
It's been resolved with the newer version of wpasupplicant.

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