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04:01 PM Tails Bug #6643: Character encoding detection of non-UTF-8 files is not perfect
Ok. It is essentially Windows' fault. Sad it affect our users.
No, I do not plan to work on this currently.


04:56 PM Tails Bug #6460: Fix memory wipe with recent kernel
Tried "tails-i386-devel-0.23-20140228T0804Z-0d3192c.iso":
3 out of 3 shutdown attempts succeeded.
The delay suggests...
12:49 PM Tails Revision f5587ba1: Clarify why TOR_CONTROL_PASSWD is set


03:04 PM Tails Feature #6384: Filtering proxy for the Tor control port
I believe all remaining issues is answered and fixed now. Same branch.
02:43 PM Tails Revision 395b5eba: Clarify why and how we limit maximum line size


09:48 AM Tails Feature #5428: Don't show the "GNOME 3 failed to load" notification
This is a child ticket to the ticket proposing inclusion of the "gnome-shell" package. Maybe this issue only happen w...


11:11 AM Tails Feature #6742 (Resolved): Make tor-controlport-filter reusable
We want to modify "tor-controlport-filter" so that the listening port and paths to the control port socket and authen...


11:37 AM Tails Feature #6739: Add Electrum bitcoin client to Tails
Usage instructions from ForgottenBeast:...
11:30 AM Tails Feature #6739 (Resolved): Add Electrum bitcoin client to Tails
There seem to be some new interest in including a light-weight
Bitcoin client in Tails.
Electrum is one such clie...


11:47 AM Tails Revision 275e0f07: Create a new system user for the control port filter instead

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