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09:43 PM Tails Bug #14862 (Confirmed): Breadcrumbs on donate page should be restored there are no breadcrumbs on this page. I have not yet researched why. If you...
09:31 PM Tails Revision 01bb8cf5: We sort of decided to make this page look more normal, and while browsing the ...
09:28 PM Tails Revision 71cc4d1a: Revert spam again.
This reverts commit fa87d46de4265b2c81e3dc6015c82d089a87718a.
09:27 PM Tails Revision dc220432: Merge branch 'master' of
09:27 PM Tails Revision 89e893b5: Add font size back
09:16 PM Tails Revision 4796530d: Fix action links, crumbs and otherlanguages placement once more
09:06 PM Tails Revision 8c7ca29b: Revert spam once more.
This reverts commit 2da29536fa1780f2b4afb31a8755a3eaba58f71b.
09:05 PM Tails Revision 71044095: Merge branch 'master' of
09:02 PM Tails Revision 34c6d7fc: Make text fit on one line.
09:01 PM Tails Revision efe25f49: Another small adjustement for farsi banner.

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