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05:25 PM Tails Feature #14561: Donation: Fix existing "referrers" (hashes)
(on the master branch)
05:25 PM Tails Feature #14561 (In Progress): Donation: Fix existing "referrers" (hashes)
Ooops, I've closed this too fast. Please review and check this works as intended :)
05:02 PM Tails Feature #14561 (Resolved): Donation: Fix existing "referrers" (hashes)
Applied in changeset commit:bf19ab69ff29eac07cdee98ab3e7482318454c82.
04:53 PM Tails Revision cd8b96e6: Localize links to /donate (refs: #14557).
See commit:bf19ab69ff29eac07cdee98ab3e7482318454c82 for details.
This commit fixes another instance of the bug, that...
04:41 PM Tails Revision 1270e2ba: Merge branch 'master' into feature/14557_donation_banner_clean
04:37 PM Tails Bug #12726: There should be a date on the notes in the News section of the website

>> * a comment would be welcome for the @!!DateTime.rfc2822(date)@ thing
> Isn't @!!...@ (or @not(not(...))@) a co...
04:31 PM Tails Revision bb959559: Revert spam.
This reverts commit d2c19c4baa236d4f1b22399c2964ed792b08725f.
04:31 PM Tails Revision bf19ab69: Localize links to /donate (Closes: #14561).
We have recently hardcoded links to
in the msgstr:s, so there are two case...
04:20 PM Tails Revision 3ae32f52: 2017-09 report: fix typo.
03:46 PM Tails Feature #14740 (Resolved): Call for invoices: 2017Q3

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