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12:35 PM Tails Revision 6fad653b: Stop explicitly enabling kaslr: it's enabled by default in Debian, and this ke...
12:35 PM Tails Revision 52a23616: Disable kexec, to make our attack surface a bit smaller.
12:35 PM Tails Revision bb24df18: Install Linux 4.12 from Debian unstable (refs: #12732).
11:46 AM Tails Bug #13600: HACKING.mdwn file back at the root of the Git repo

sajolida was not involved in this (modulo that merge). I think anonym is in a better place to put things back into s...


06:33 PM Tails Bug #11864 (Rejected): Backlight option gone after 2.6 update
Missing info, not reported recently => closing.
05:03 PM Tails Bug #13583: bitcoin is running out of disk space
What's the status here? This has been in warning state since 9 days, and at this rate things will start breaking by t...
04:55 PM Tails Bug #13623: Executable bits of /etc/hostname not set deterministically
> Note that the umask cannot be the cause. What could be?
Given we can trivially chmod this before building the Squa...
04:51 PM Tails Feature #13463: No PPPoE in Tails
What's the status here?
04:13 PM Tails Bug #13623: Executable bits of /etc/hostname not set deterministically
Wow, that's weird! Anyway, I _think_ we configure hostname at boot time via live-config, so we could perhaps simply n...
04:10 PM Tails Feature #12732: Upgrade Linux to 4.12
stretch-backports now has 4.11.6-1~bpo9+1 (which might not be affected by the dkms issue that's been blocking this ti...

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