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06:14 PM Tails Feature #14630: Adjust installation instructions to Tails Verification
My reviewing and remarks (beside the already awesome work done (: ), based on web/14630-adjust-to-new-verification-ex...


07:34 PM Tails Revision abf22ead: Made two tiny changes and reviewed muri's changes


09:03 AM Tails Bug #13635: German Greeter translation uses "s" accelerator twice
intrigeri wrote:
> spriver, are you up to implementing anonym's proposal then?
I can have a look but I don't know...
08:14 AM Tails Feature #11766: Make the German translation gender neutral
u wrote:
> Hi spriver, is there such a gender neutral branch or have the german translators been working on this dir...
08:10 AM Tails Bug #14955 (Confirmed): Implement the German glossary in our doc
This is about implementing the decisions we made in the context of #14954 into our German documentation.
08:04 AM Tails Feature #14954 (Confirmed): Create a German glossary
This idea has been proposed several times, but nothing concrete has happened since then.
I'd like to have a German...


08:33 PM Tails Revision 35b53b31: Updated strings and translated new ones
06:39 PM Tails Revision ed9af897: Initial translation


07:47 PM Tails Bug #12543: Keyboard layout chosen in the Greeter is sometimes not applied to the session once lo...
> tl;dr: LGTM!
Here, too! Tested in several setups where the error occurred, I could not reproduce it any time (:


07:18 PM Tails Bug #14504: Investigate mobile messaging platforms
Signal ( announced that the until now used Chromium-based desktop application is deprecated, it's...

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